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Post # 1
How are we to believe in our magick or ourselves for that matter if we are being told by the mods that 'Its not possible' or 'you cant'?

Here's my belief;

Anything and everything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Have you ever heard of Ascending?

When you ascend you become magick itself, allowing you to do what you want and when you want as you please.

If you dont believe me then do the research yourself.
Ascending is mentioned in EVERY religion known to the human race.

So.. I don't believe in 'you cant' or 'it doesn't exist' because if one mind can create it then it does exist and you can.
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Re: Question
Post # 2
Yes but you have to descend 1st. And not purposely. In order to trancsend beyond the concious ability we have now. Otherwise its incomparible and we see it as natural progression a.k.a. Evolution. Interesting subject.
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Re: Question
Post # 3
I feel that the whole "nothing is impossible" belief is a bit narrow-minded. There are several things that are impossible and will likely always be impossible, even with the appropriate advances in science.
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Re: Question
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
The question of whether or not one can ascend allowing them to go beyond the normal boundaries of physics, laws of nature, earthly limitations, etc... is not exactly beneficial to this argument/topic as having ascended you would no longer be human while this topic is seemingly about the limitations of humans. I can understand the desire to be able to perform impossible feats but desiring to do so & being capable of doing so are two very different things. With the billions of people on this planet one would have to assume that if such magick were possible someone somewhere would have proof, yet this doesn't appear to be the case. As to your final statement of "....because if one mind can create it then it does exist and you can" I agree though only in the context it exists in your mind or can exist on the astral plane, yet not on the physical plane.
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Re: Question
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Ascension/Higher Workings is not exactly what you are explaining it to be. it is about reaching our God-Head and understanding the Universe in all its complexity and being able to transition through life and "Ascend to a Higher Being"

"Anything and Everything is Possible if you out your mind to it"

This is false, if I put my mind to growing wings it won't happen, if I put my mind to igniting a piece of paper without a source of Ignition that won't happen ever.

If we were to Evolve to a state where we could grow wings that would happen several billion years down the track.

Things that you can put your mind to is basic successes like getting a Job, Keeping that Job, studying hard and being reward. That is what is possible if you work hard for it not some fantasy belief of Fireballs and Adventure.

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Re: Question
Post # 6

Never stay under the wrong impression that everything is possible. There are a lot of things in this world which is impossible. For example can you turn to a vamp? NO. Can you turn to a mermaid? NO. Can you become immortal? NO.

There are alot of such things which you cannot do even with the help of magick. Magick isn't something to make the impossible possible. It is something to make the less probable things a bit more probable and to better your life, yourself and the creatures and surroundings around you.

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