Which spells work?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Which spells work?

Which spells work?
Post # 1
People have told me that levitation and physical teleportation spells are impossible, so I wanted to know which spells work and which spells don't. Like luck spells, agility/speed spells, invisibility spells, mindreading spells, physical beauty spells and telekinesis.
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Re: Which spells work?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Staying out of the fantasy section would be the biggest way to know. Also, using common sense will help. If one could fly, one would see people flying. If one could teleport, we would not need modes of travel; cars, planes,etc. Agility/speed takes exercise and practice. Invisibilities, come on. Most you can do is make yourself blend in to the crowd or surroundings, making yourself not so noticeable. Beauty spells, Eat correctly and take care of your body. Realize what can be before trying any casting. Hope this helps. BB
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Re: Which spells work?
Post # 3
Alright, I try to stay away from any spells of greed, like love, beauty and money, I was just asking about it, I have no interest in changing my physical appearance.
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Re: Which spells work?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

Spells usually tend to affect the outcome of events or how people percieve them. For example, you can't change your appearance, but you can make it easier to find clothes that make you look nice, or to have people overlook flaws, etc.

You can't make a speed spell, but you can make a spell that improves the quality of your morning runs or gives you the will power to exercise.

A good way to check if magic will work is:

Can it happen on its own even if it's unlikely?

Does it avoid messing with free will?

(This may not be true for every magical discipline, but in my case spells work better if they have altruistic ends even if they primarily help you).

Let's use love spells as an example

Example of a spell doomed to fail:

Mind control used to make a specific girl, let's call her Ashley, who thinks you're an ugly creeper, fall into bed with you tomorrow

Spells that might work:

Spells that attract a girl who's life would be made better by being with you (even by a little) and who would brighten up your life. She can chose to not be with you, or even not to talk to you.

A spell that gives you the wisdom to communicate with others and understand them in a constructive way. THis is sort of a roundabout love spell for failing relationships, but it doesn't do anything crazy or affect free will. It might even help you both understand that the relationship needs to end

A spell that gives people around you the wisdom to overlook shallow things like appearances and focus more on personality. Again possible, helpful to everyone, and doesn't affect free will. If your personality is garbage, noone will want you.

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Re: Which spells work?
Post # 5
It seems like spells that don't really do anything have the best chance of working, and anything specific, that you would actual NEED magick to facilitate, is not going to work.
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Re: Which spells work?
Post # 6
The spells that are against the rules of phyzics biology, and nature in general
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Re: Which spells work?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7

Sort of but not exactly ^_^

There are moments in your life when good outcomes are very unlikely but possible. Here are some examples and spells that have come up with me

1. I my train broke down on the way to a college interview for 30 minutes. By the end of the half hour I intervened with magic. In three minutes the train got going, my belongings encumbered me less when I walked, every stoplight I walked past was green, and a wind was blowing on my back. Everything that could go right did, and I arrived 2 minutes early.

2. My very male chauvanistic best friend and I had a falling out when I revealed to him that I was gay. We were like brothers before so it was very upsetting for both of us. I cast us spell to encourage a communication that would end happily for both of us, even if that meant our lives would be improved by never talking again. The next day I got a phone call and we're best friends again.

3. Another college story. I was terrified while colleges was making selections. So I cast a spell to ensure that I would go to a college where I would grow the most as a person and be most useful to society. I ended up in a medical program as competitive as Harvard. This was as you can imagine unlikely.

4. I wanted to find romance. So I performed a spell that would bring me together with another person romantically in a way that would add something positive to both of our lives. One day later, I was set up on a blind date...

After my experiences with magic, I can't ever claim that it doesn't work. None of what I did couldn't of happened on its own, but spellwork made a real, almost unbelievable difference. I hope that my personal experiences help you understand what magic is capable of.

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Re: Which spells work?
Post # 8
Changedcynic am i allowed to know which comunication spell u used? Im in a similar situation myself. Im not gay, but somone whom means a great deal to me has suddenly broke comunication with me and am very saddend by the outcome....
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Re: Which spells work?
By: / Beginner
Post # 9

Sure. I made a talisman using elder futhark runes. Talisman meaning cheap paper piece of junk but it involved a lot of folding. An easier method would be to gut out a septagon on paper and write a rune on each edge. It's still going to be complicated, as the more energy put into a ritual the more oomph it has.

If you don't know, runes are letters, but don't get font support on spellsofmagic, so you'll need to do a lot of googleing. Just look up each name I give you along with the words 'elder futhark'

Before you do anything you have to create bindrunes representing yourself and the person you need to talk to. To make a bind rune for anyone combine the Elder Futhark runes that stand for their initials into a geometrically pleasing shape, sort of like a monogram. If the lines for one of the runes in the initial is possible to find in the rune, your job is done and you don't have to add any more lines. Runes use mostly straight lines and similar angles so sometimes it looks like a rune is comprised of smaller runes.

Whenever you write the bind rune for a person think of what each initial means for a person's identity and write out EACH rune in order until it makes one bindrune

Great now that you have that out of the way you can actually start your spell

Open a magical circle, with your pen and paper septagon ready (make sure it's small you'll be carrying it around.)

As you write each rune, chant its name and think hard about what each rune will do for your spell. I want you to think so hard that you can actually see the events happening.

On the first corner of the charm write the rune Fehu , which dictates how the events in the spell will start. Fehu represents a moment of good luck and fortune.

On the next corner write the rune for Ansuz , which is the rune for communication. Meaning the good fortune will lead to communication.

On the next corner writh the rune Wunjo which will means joy. It will insure that the communication brings good results, even if what's good for both of you is the permanent end of the relationship.

On the next corner use the rune Gebo which means gift, but can stand for relationships. This helps the amulet know to focus on a relation ship.

On the next two corners write the bindrunes for your friend and yourself, chaning the individual names for the components of the bind runes. This helps the talisman focus on the relationship between you and your friend.

Finally write the rune Ingwaz which will store power and stop the magic of the amulet from ending too early.

Repeat the procedure on the back side of the amulet.

Cover each rune with your saliva (any body fluid will do), giving life blood to the amulet.

Cover the amulet in something of meaning to you and circle it nine times clockwise, thinking of the amulet's goal as it grows in power

Bring the amulet to your lips and chant each of the runes used in order giving it the breath of life. Again you have to think about what each rune does with painful clarity.

Tap the amulet three times with your finger to get it's attention and state it's purpose. You can name the amulet for more power.

Chant ANSUZ LAGUZ URUZ to activate the spell. Close the circle, and wear your amulet at all times. If you did it right, this should be mentally exhausted, and the situation with your friend will resolve itself how it should after a communication.

I hope these instructions help

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Re: Which spells work?
By: / Beginner
Post # 10

Remember to wear the amulet everywhere

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