Weird Feeling

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Weird Feeling
Post # 1
Hello Myst Here,

So last night i was lying in bed trying to sleep when a sudden pain came into my stomach, it stayed there for a few minutes and then was gone, but after it was like, my skin turned into a cloud like substance(i'm describing what i felt inside not on the outside) and i couldn't feel my bed it was more like i was floating in air, and i sat up in bed for a few seconds and the feeling had gone so i lied back down and then it felt like somebody was digging their nails deep into my skin(across my forehead) and it felt like they were making a cross. Is this a Demon doing this to me or is it just myself trying to Astral Project with out myself realizing?

Much Appreciation
P.S sorry if it's in the wrong category.
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Re: Weird Feeling
Post # 2
Could be both, if AP than nothing special, if demon project positive energy
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Re: Weird Feeling
Post # 3
Well, I always say never AP on an empty stomach. :P

In all seriousness, though, the stomach pain could have been simply doing magick on an empty stomach. The pain crossing your forehead sounds like a worn out third-eye, but I normally only hear about that when the AP is forced, not natural. I can say that I am almost certain no malevolent presence was attacking you, though. It doesn't match any MO. If you are worried, just make sure you have your room warded in case it happens again. AP is fun once you get used to it.
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Re: Weird Feeling
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

It could be any of those things, which is great for you to be so intouch with the spiritual.

However if you are experiencing this frequently, usually at a time when you first wakeup, and you can't move and experience unusual visions or hallucinations, you may have Sleep paralysis. It might be nothing but be sure to look it up and check that you are dealing with the magical and not the mundane.

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Re: Weird Feeling
Post # 5
Ok Thanks Guys Just wanted to check it.

Much Appreciation, Blessed Be
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