Return my wife now help

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Return my wife now help

Return my wife now help
Post # 1
I need help I can't do any spells tried and it didn't work I just want my wife back now and forever
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Re: Return my wife now help
Post # 2
im in the same boat tried a spell caster bought a get your lover back doll of ebay tried fortune teller and tarot cards I know the pain your in I have lost 3 stone in two months most of them sort of sites will take advantage of you my advice don't call her or beg get in the best shape of your life and show her u can do without her and accept u might not get her back if u want to message me for a chat feel free
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Re: Return my wife now help
Post # 3

In that case, what you're looking for is probably a love spell! Though, they usually take away someone's free will, and a lot of people disagree with them.

If you really love your wife, you'd let her go. If she love you back, she'll come back. Just give it time, and maybe talk to her about the way you feel.

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Re: Return my wife now help
Post # 4
Yeah I don't think you should force her to come back i agree
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Re: Return my wife now help
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

Please anyone correct me if I'm saying something wrong here.

I've noticed in my own spell casting in the complaints of others on this site that spells which can take away the free will of others usually fail spectacularly. Magic is a natural and organic thing, and it is difficult to manipulate it into doing something it is not meant to.

Have you considered, instead of asking for a spell which makes her come back, a spell that makes it easier to communicate with eachother? You can combine that with a spell that increases your ex wife's ability to see your good traits, as well as one that gives her the strength and intuition to manage your bad ones. There are spells that can increase your wisdom and allow you to be a better person in general.

Perhaps another course you can take is to use a spell that attracts the best person for you. You can't make someone love you, but you can increase your chances of finding a person you would be compatible with. I understand this is hard because you have a history with your wife and maybe even children, but it may be the best option.

My final type of suggestion is to work on yourself a bit. You see, your relationship has become so difficult that it seems you need a bit of magic to fix it. You also, no offense, are not considering whether your wife leaving you maybe good for her, and are trying to pull her back without considering her will. Magic can help you understand and respect eachother more, and it may even save your relationship, but remember that magic is just like prayer. God helps those who help themselves. Take your own steps to improve your relationship.

If you want my advice on exact spells you can use, you can reply on this forum and ask for me by username. Or you can just message me

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