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Broom closet witch
Post # 1
I'd like to know a good time to come out of the broom closet about my religion; and my beliefs that gods are real. I've been studying gods since I was 7 or 8. Now I've finally decided to let the Catholic part of me go, and now I'm a Hellenic Pagan. I didn't know what a Hellenic Pagan was when I was 7, (of course), but yes, I did worship the Greek Gods back then. My mother thought it was a silly phase, and a few years later I thought it was too. Then I had to start a coven for Egyptian Magic. That failed. So now that I've found other people like me, I've decided to become a Hellenic Pagan again. I have technically only been a wittingly Hellenic Pagan for a few days. So, how many years should I wait? How did you guys come out of the Broom Closet?
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Re: Broom closet witch
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Broom closet witch
Post # 3
I was never in the closet to my family, but that doesn't mean "coming out" to friends isn't a challenge. My family has been persecuted for generations, grandmum and mum have moved across continents to get away from persecution. So, it's difficult to tell people who you really are. I think for my last boyfriend, I just sat him down and told him to hold sage, and asked him to close his eyes as I did an invocation. He was more shocked than felt anything himself.

I think it has to be personal. When you tell other people. You have to make it personal. Adamant that you're not going to change. No matter if you love them, or whatever, if they love you, then they'll stick around.
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Re: Broom closet witch
Post # 4
Thanks... my family is all Catholic. My friends won't believe me if I tell them my religion. I blame the Percy Jackson series.
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Re: Broom closet witch
Post # 5
I have a Catholic Mom. She does not like my pagan ways but I do not lie unless it is a white lie to spare hurt feelings. Though keeping my beliefs to myself would have kept family peace.
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