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spirit guide
Post # 1
If i asked, would a wolf or dragon spirit agree to be my guide?
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Re: spirit guide
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Maybe, maybe not. As Lark mentioned in your other thread it's the spirit guides that choose us not the other way around. You may think at this point that you would prefer a wolf or a dragon over anything else and you may be right but then again you may discover something else that turns out even better. From my own experience any animal guide I have worked with has always been exactly what I needed at the time, but not necessarily what I wanted. there are a few good articles and posts on the site about finding a spirit guide and a recommend browsing through them if you're interested and you can ask for the help of a wolf/dragon, there's just no guarantee that they'd agree. I also recommend to keeping an open mind as to what might appear most people want an animal they perceive as powerful and impressive but there's no difference in status between a wolf spirit or a mouse.
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Re: spirit guide
Post # 3
Okay, thanks! :)
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Re: spirit guide
Post # 4

YouOnlyLive, to answer your question: you do not choose your spirit guide or spirit animals. They choose you before you are born. I suggest that you find what is your spirit guide and spirit animals and develop a close relationship because they have helped you in life. Like for example is you have a squirrelinstead of a Dragon. In the Shamanism I was taught that the things in the spirit world are not like the things in our world... The Smallest animals that are weak compared to the bigger animals in this world are the complete opposite in the spirit world. SO a Squirrel has more power and more medicine than a dragon or a wolf. A Mouse has more power and medicine than an elephant.

So, be happy with the spirit animals and Guides that you have. They choose you for a reason. :)

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