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Post # 1
I had a spiritual creature visit me in a dream once. It was kind of scary and surprising at first, but when I realized what was happening, I came to realize that I needed to listen to her. It was quite a personal and beautiful experience.
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Re: Dreams
Post # 2
I don't know but it sounds like a marvelous dream :D I love dreaming. I dream a lot about Ultraterestrials and Extraterestrials aliens time traveling space wars. I love it when I get a special Ultraterestrial visits. They always have the info you need or help you find your answers and take you were you need to go. Don't you just luv dreams?
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Re: Dreams
Post # 3
Not to long ago I was in an endless dream, the ones where you are falling and never stop. But as I was nearing the ground (usually the part where one wakes up) and I stopped mid fall, only to find that something had stopped me. I can't describe in detail what the creature looked liked, only that it was not human. It had giant bat wings and blackish red reptilian scales. It's head was mishapen and unrelatable to any earth being that I know of, and the eyes were pure white with no pupal. It's hands, which had stopped me from falling, were like tentackles but still with reptilian scales. The bottom half I do not remember.

When it stopped me, it said four words: "Dode 'dorene apnes sakte." Which means "Deaths doors open slowly" in Norwegian. Norwegian is my second language so I think that is why it spoke in the language to me.

Also to days later a dear friend of mine got into a car crash and was put into a coma lasting indefinantly. The family desided to pull the plug.
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Re: Dreams
Post # 4
I think language it's important, the second language or a known language that aren't your mother language it's like something relativly far from you, different from what you know commonly but that you know in some way.

For me it happened when I took back my "house" and the chinese priest(I like japanese) at the end of the dream, he was a she at the start, and when I wanted to separate from he that used my house(body) making his own and sucking away my energy, he started to say "you need me", and talked in a pretty strange language was like all the words finisced with "sh", he was trying to offend my but if I don't know what you are saying it's pretty useless...

I don't have a good relation with dragon, I mean now when it happen I know that it's meaning is sexual because i'm dealing with preserving my sexual energy; but back then was pretty different, and I could "touch" that there was a mind not of mine in that figure, that wasn't the only one, the dragon one is the most simple to understand and taim, there are other entities that are much more difficoult to catch. The dragon are powerful because it's related with the low instinct I think, but it doesn't lead you very far.
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