Herbal healing spell

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Herbal healing spell

Herbal healing spell
Post # 1
You will need:

1 white candle
2 altar candles the colour that goes with your herb (like blue- lavender)
a nice calming essens
the flower of your herb
A pentagram showing up so the spirit is pointing forward
You shall decorate it to your own liking but the white candle must be in center and your herb muSt be binded and in front of the spirit
A altar is optional for herbs and candles
You will need time and concentration
And I like to use crystals but its is really just optional

Spell with herb

Oh, magical herb of root and flower
Give this candle healing power


(Imagine the power of the herb as a light pink flowing into the candle and feel its energy flowing into your fingertips now build up concentration)


Oh healing candle of power
Rise your flame like a flower

Hear my voice spirit of earth hear the sound
Heal the name I spoke out loud
Heal them of sickness
Make them strong and replace weakness

Oh spirit of fire,power of the light
Bring forth all your might
Heal the soul heal the spirit
As you shine by the minute

Oh spirit of wind, power of air
Make this strong make this possible
Help me cast the spell at hand
Help me heal upon the land

Oh, spirit of water, power of rain
Help the wind so it shall remain
Wash thy clean of demons
Wipe thy clean in health

By the power of three
And Soul.
I call upon the holy spirit
Blessed be thy name of The Lord
For he grants the casting of thy chant

With the power of three times three
Let it be done,so it shall harm no one

Now heal thy ,,,,,,, heal him/her well
(Call name out 3 times)

(Meditate: the sickness is like a black spot on that person try to visualise the spot pitch black now imagine a white light above the circle. The light is sucking in the darkness and the hole is getting smaller . The persons is feeling better now the white light is almost done but there is still one tiny spot , imagine taking it of and burning it )


Now I close the seal
From now health he/she shall feel
(Blow out candles)
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