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God Spell
Post # 1
Hi, when I did some research and searched some information about Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism and Voodoo, I have gotten interested in some of the magic, especially the Dark Magic. So then I found this site where I found all these great and wonderful spells and I just wanted to know if one of these spells will work.

The god spell to become a god. I need people with experience to answer and help me with this.

Re: God Spell
Post # 2
I do believe that spell will not work, you can not become a god with a spell or anything, gods aren't made.

Re: God Spell
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Sorry, such spells do not work. You are a human being and that's what you'll remain. No magic is going to turn you into anything different.

Truly, one needs only to use a bit of common sense to see that there are spells on this site that will never work. If we could really change ourselves into Gods don't you think you would see little Gods running around all over the place hurling thunderbolts, or hammers, or driving chariots drawn by peacocks as the Gods in mythology did? Of course not.

Re: God Spell
Post # 4
A god is a religious concept, so no spell will turn you in to one, further mor no spell will let you brake the laws of phyzics (and thats magic 101 so I realy think that you should do MUCH mor research before doing any spell work), also there is no black magic, magic has no color its all in the intende of the caster (again do more research) and if you want to be a god you half to create your own religion, and than you can name yourself god and your dog creater of the universe for all anybody cares aboat

Re: God Spell
Post # 5
Lark: LOL on your reply to this post. i couldn't stop laughing for five minutes. :)

Re: God Spell
Post # 6
... Did you really just say that? Seriously do you even know what I meant by Black magic? Did you really understand that what I was saying what so ever?

Re: God Spell
Post # 7
Completely, magic has no color, so using that term is just incorrect, it is corect to use the name magic, but black magic can only be said on a spell that you cast in the past with a negative intende, its just you dont completely understand the terminology, but comon mistake for beginners, in the first month or so of learning magic I made the same mistake

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