Meditation is new black

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Meditation is new black

Meditation is new black
Post # 1
Okay I'm just starting to get into meditation. It's really awesome however something's been bothering me. In te morning I had one but I couldn't get an image out of my head of black covering me and swirling into me. Is this bad? Is something awful gonna happen to me. I hope it doesn't mean anything negative. No matter how much I meditate now I'm scared that this black means black thoughts or things. Help! What does it mean?
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Re: Meditation is new black
Post # 2
Whell black energy typically, but not necessary is bad, but energy is easy to change, next time you see it you can just change it to something different
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Re: Meditation is new black
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Once again,Opal, you are hard to judge because there is nothing on your profile. But I'll try. It is obvious that you have very little idea of what meditation actually is!
Meditation, really, is "deep thinking"; allowing your subconscious mind to "take over". It is not "emptying your mind", that is almost impossible.It is concentrating on one thought, or one object, until that one thought disappears as the subconscious takes over.This part of your mind/brain is much more powerful than your normal thinking.
I was taught with a small bowl of water; but you can use any object.Many people use a lighted candle.
You must breathe deeply, and be totally relaxed.Sit comfortably; don't try it standing until you can do it!
I can now meditate at will; standing, even walking.But then, I've being doing it for many,many years.
Try it, and ignore this "blackness".
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Re: Meditation is new black
Post # 4
Hi opal
When I started meditating I felt something similar to your description but soon after I realize it was fear. I was afraid not sure of what exactly , so I try new techniques (new to me) such as listening to soft music that speak me , lighting a white candle and burning a sweet cented essence. All those info I gather from reading/researching here on this site and Google. Take your time find what works for you .
Keep meditating .
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Re: Meditation is new black
Post # 5
Actualy brysing there are multiple sub forms of meditation, im not shour on the names, but there is what you siad, what the other person said, and emotional meditation, in which you focus on one emotion and everything that you at the moment associate with the emotion
the first one is intended to increase a persons intuition, and bring the closer to their higher self
the second one is intended to help one see the full picture and not just focuse on one thing, it helps to have a clear mind and make decisions based on intellect, not emotions and also helps one sense things mor easy
The third one, baisicly a good method for psychologists to find aot whats going on in the head, and in searches for identity

But the one you said I once read that whas the original, but they both are equally important, and B.T.W. it is rather easy to clear one's mind from all thought if you practise it, and if you can do it at will than you can just listen to your subconscious mind, so actualy many people go by that method, because its a on stone two birds thing, I myself do the thing you said when looking for answeres only
P.S. I cant balive that I actualy got to corect a moderator
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Re: Meditation is new black
Post # 6
Meditation is different depending on your tradition and the tradition of yoga it is derived from.

As Brysing said thinking about nothing and 'destroying ones thoughts' is a hard task, in my own system it assigned much later on.

When I meditate I just calm the rational side of my mind, the general clutter and mental chatter, and as Brysing suggested let the subconscious mind take over.....He is correct in stating that this is meditating as is focusing on an object, there are different types of mediation, but this is perhaps the one suited to a beginner and is perhaps one of the more fundamental practices.

In my own system the routine is as follows- sitting in an asana for one hour; this is to overcome physical sensations and ignor every bodily sensation...itis hard, painful to begin with and requires much dedication and practice- however I would argue it is a step which one can skip if you can already ignore every sensation from the body without falling asleep, I can't.

Then we have pranayama and mantra yoga, both have their individual benefits- mantra yoga focuses the mind, if done correctly it can bring about samadhi- universal conciousness. It brings me peace, I have yet to attain samadhi. Pranayama purifies the spirit and arguable the body and starts stirring up kundalini energy- it also brings focus and is not mere breath control and focus, one has to be aware of the subtle energies and the subtle body.

The next is Pratyhara (I feel I have mispelled this), it is essentially blocking out all physical and mental sensations and signals one by one until you become a recluse within your own mind.

Then there is Dharana- focusing on an object or symbol without thinking about anything else and without losing the image or focus, this can bring about dhyana- union with subject and the mediator, it is a lesser form of samadhi. This has many benefits, if anything it will increase your visualisation abilities, but it also improves concentration, focus and is a must have preliminary to astral skrying.

There are other advanced practices, but I feel no need to continue I have laid out the basics. If you wish to explore further look at Liber E by Aleister Crowley, and read a book by a modern author as well. (I'd hate you to get one viewpoint).

There are MANY other systems, routines etc.....but I cant tell you anything about them because I lack a lot of first hand experience with them....

But I urge you to look around until you find something which suits you.

Blessed Be.
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Re: Meditation is new black
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
Chaosedge, you did not correct me. What I said was the truth, and a suitable technique for a beginner. You are clouding the issue.The things you are advocating are for the experienced, not the beginner.
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