Question: Urgent!

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Question: Urgent!
Post # 1
Hi! I'm kind of new, and my name is Violet (Spiritually I'm pretty sure)And of this morning, I've been trying to carve my own wand. I took the branch from a fig tree in my backyard that I have climbed and relaxed/meditated in over the course of about 4 years now. The thing is, even before I asked the tree to take it's "arm", I felt heavy guilt. As I neared the tree and thought about taking his branch, the guilt lowered and I pushed it to the back of my mind. Mind you, I am a very determined and passionate person. Once I have a goal, I'll go do it exactly how I want to, even if it hurts me or the other...Unfortunately I took the branch and after I'd started carving the guilt resurfaced, but in my state I kept on relentlessly. Time passed and I managed to accidentally slice the tip of my left thumb knuckle (part where the skin wrinkled when you straighten your finger), and after I cam back from a few hours of break, I slipped even harder and the knife once again hit me. This one was significantly worse however, as the tip of my left thumb was sliced at the skin just by the tip of the nail, and down the side and inside of the nail. So pretty much, I sliced my thumbnail in half. -_- Bot times I was cutting towards myself in fast and determined mindset. Could this be because of my wrongly stealing the arm of my fig tree, or just bad karma because I didn't listen to my father telling me not to cut towards myself? I feel it could be both.....Can someone help me with this question please? I'm seeking answers humbly...I'm sorry If I bothered anyone.
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Re: Question: Urgent!
Post # 2

I don't think you you were injured because you tried to take the limb of a tree. You did it because you weren't taking your time or being careful with what you were doing. However, it is always good to start with a prayer before taking something from the earth (ie, a flower, limb, etc) and then leaving a small offering, such as a small gem or a nut.

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Re: Question: Urgent!
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Actually, many people believe that you have to not only ask the tree's permission for use, but listen to the reply as doing the opposite can get you in a bit of trouble. You're essentially speaking to the spirit that resides there and..why ask it a question if you're going to ignore it's answer?

Personally, I'd take it back, appologize and leave an offering. You can't put it back to it's rightful place, but you can try to make ammends.

And...for future reference, if you plan to work with spirits or just magic in general, being stubborn instead of listening to your intuition will not serve you well.

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Re: Question: Urgent!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
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Re: Question: Urgent!
Post # 5
Thank you :) Both of your answers were helpful and I will try leaving offering(s?), prayer to the spirit, etc.
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Re: Question: Urgent!
Post # 6
You probably just ignored baisic safety rules, and if I understood one of the things you wrote than you where cutting ttowards yourself, that is dangerous
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