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Post # 1
So recently I have lurned how to influence thoughts with just my own mind, you see one day my dog had refused to eat for several days becaus hes tough hurt, so I figured why not, if he dosent eat soon... So it worked, I figured ok coincidence but I kept testing it and I realized that many times in a row, cant be a coincidence, so I tried it one some people and lurned that I somehow plant the idea in the targets head as if it whas there own, and to follow it or not is their pick, so it works on animals batter because they most of the time wont second gues it, but less on humans because we second gues and over think everything, so my question can anyone explane to me how I do these ''jedai mind tricks" and how far do you people think I can take it, and it is not a coincident that they do what I make them because coincidences hapen only so many times
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Re: abilitys
By: / Novice
Post # 2
well i haven't read too much into this sort of thing so i can't really give you a definitive answer, but i will say you shouldn't toy with people. convincing your dog to eat when he was starving himself is one thing, convincing your friend to give you the last pudding at lunch, or the teacher to give you an A is another and eventually karma will catch up with you and you will be taught a lesson. it's a neat trick [if it's real] but you should just let life go with the flow so to speak, or you'll unknowingly dig yourself a deep hole.
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Re: abilitys
Post # 3
No worries I'm not planing to manipulate peoples minds for fun, or selfish reasons, I just guided some frends blindfolded thro a maze using it
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Re: abilitys
Post # 4
By the way I dont think that im powerful enough to make a teacher give me a A because grading test requires logic and than even if I did it logic would tell no, but I gues I could make someone give me a pudding cup, but I dont think that I can make someone do something that their against
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