A mere coincidence or...?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> A mere coincidence or...?

A mere coincidence or...?
Post # 1
Hello,you see I'm new here (about a 1 month membership)
and I've always believed in magic since I was a child (occasionally meeting 2 spiritual entities which I have not realized they were)
Well you see,starting out,I tried meditating but after that there were some events that happen that relates to the future somehow.I'm not sure if it is occasionally or is it really a power but lately when I think of something that might possibly happen like Choosing of numbers,the number of 3 came in to my mind that my pair will pick that up...,and she did.Things always came into my mind like,a feeling told me that I have to bring something for no apparent reason and later on I find out that there was a problem and the item that I brought helped out the problem.Ideas will randomly pop up out of nowhere and it becomes true.But,it's somehow increases my paranoia because I will get the feeling of something that makes me scared,my place has different kinds of stories that tells about ghosts and evil entities.And one time in the kitchen,just like the others the feeling of fear popped up out of nowhere.The feeling was like of that someone is watching you,and I stared at the kitchen for awhile before snapping out and returning to my room.Also,one time I was taking a photoshoot in my backyard when there was this feeling of fear once again with the urge to take a picture of my grandmother's house WHICH was empty for about 10 years.And my aunt told me about an old photo in the house wherein an external being in a form of a doll was in the background,they lost the photo.So I had the feeling but I told myself don't.
And before when passing through that house during the day of the dead when I was 8,I heard voices that my mom didn't hear (she was with me.)

Is this a mere coincidence or is it...?
I wasn't sure if I did the meditation right,I did something else while meditating,I think.

(sorry for wrong grammar,English is not my first language)
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Re: A mere coincidence or...?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: A mere coincidence or...?
Post # 3
I get that too, it is typical to people with a 100 / open crown chakra, or to people who have (and this is the closest I can do to describe this I never formally studied reading auras, I just see them and take notes on the posible meanin) a devine aura, eighter way than people can access (again dont know the corect word) the library of thoght (it contains every thoght ever thought including the FUTURE ones)
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Re: A mere coincidence or...?
Post # 4
Oh okay!Thanks for telling me.

I think it's the aura,because I'm not experiencing anything related to the future right now because I'm on my period(red aura).
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