Have you tried Skyclad

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Have you tried Skyclad
Post # 1
I have heard its one of 10 things within Wiccan, i'm not so sure if its correct. But ask me if i'm wrong.
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Re: Have you tried Skyclad
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

There are some Wiccan Traditions in which it is common practice for members of those covens to practice "sky-clad" in their rituals. As the first article said, ritual nudity is not about sex or orgies. It is a way of being totally open and unashamed before your coven siblings and the Gods. In part the idea is taken from the Charge of the Goddess where the Goddess says, "And as the sign that ye are truly free, Ye shall be naked in your rites."

In addition, many Wiccans find a feeling of closeness to the Divine by practicing sky-clad in their personal practices when they are alone. This can be especially powerful if you are able to work outside under a full moon.

Not all Wiccans nor all Wiccan Traditions choose to work sky-clad. If the thought doesn't appeal then certainly there is no requirement that you do so. Any Tradition which requires sky-clad work will make that apparent at the start so that if the idea repels you you can seek out a different Tradition in which to train.

I have worked sky-clad both in my personal practice, in rituals with just my husband, and in a coven setting. But there have also been occasions when I have worn robes to ritual as well.

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Re: Have you tried Skyclad
By: / Novice
Post # 3
it's not mandatory to be sky-clad [though i think it's Gardenian Wicca which is typically sky-clad] it's optional and your personal preference.

personally, no, i've never gone sky-clad, but i'm one of those shy people who isn't comfortable having too much of my body showing no matter who i'm with. when i first started i wore a nice skirt and top, now i wear a cloak. whatever you choose be sure it's not street clothes you've been wearing all day. even if you go for jeans and a t-shirt [which some people refuse to wear synthetic fibers inside the circle] make sure you keep those clothes separate and only wear them when doing magick, ritual, or are in the circle. these clothes are blessed in some way, and using them all the time will tarnish them so to speak [negative energy, wear and tear etc.]
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Re: Have you tried Skycla
Post # 4
Nekoshema. That was very informative and heartfelt. Not my thread but i appreciate the post just the same.
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Re: Have you tried Skyclad
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Depends how you feel about Nature. There is nothing natural about clothing! But, of course, we have centuries of being ashamed of our naked bodies. Once rid of the shame, and you can enjoy being as Nature intended.
After all, we are the only animal on this planet that wears clothes!
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Re: Have you tried Skyclad
Post # 6
I have practiced as a solitary for some time and have done a few rituals sky-clad. It does make me ashamed in front of humans but as for the spirits I always have some part of me unclothed. It's not necessary but it is liberating. Also is it bad to not matter of the clothing. The spirits I deal with don't seem to mind if I have street clothes on.
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