spirit who asked a favor?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> spirit who asked a favor?

spirit who asked a favor?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
So I always hear these entities,mostly at night.
But yesterday I felt something strange and there was something around the room,I spoke to it and all seems he/she wanted a favor,it told me a name,and I searched it today and it turned out it was a murder,rape and robbery and I felt a bit freaked when I saw it was right around where i live and travel to alot,I got back from that place last sunday,I don't know what to think about's weird.So does anyone know what this spirit wants,or has this happened to anyone?
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Re: spirit who asked a favor?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
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Re: spirit who asked a favor?
Post # 3
It could just be a trapped spirit. A simple banishing spell will send it to the spirit realm. If its a negative spirit, try banishing. If that fails, cleanse home by burning sage and walking through whole house while commanding the spirit out. Then simply seal every entry, doorway, windows, & vents in your home with salt and lime juice to keep it out. You would have to find the right banishing spell on here or elsewhere. Sorry I cant be more help but Im not very good at this.
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Re: spirit who asked a favor?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
It asks for help so banish it? How cruel.

Banishment does not send them anywhere special. You can banish physical people too. Banishing causes whatever the target is to be forced to leave whatever it is banished from. It's like being evicted/removed from a property forcefully.

Call on a spirit you trust to take them where they will be cared for, be it a deity of the dead or healing, a psychopomp like the valkaries (since he was slain), or an angel like Raphael. Make an offering and ask in this spirit's honor that they come and take him to a place of rest and healing. Since you know the person's name, you can tell whoever you call upon exactly who it is.
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Re: spirit who asked a favor?
Post # 5
My apologies Raven. I certainly did not mean to be cruel. It was my misunderstanding of banishing. I feel bad now for the ones I let my pagan friend banish from my old apartment. She guaranteed me they were being ushered into the spirit realm. Quite discerning to learn otherwise. Thank you for the information.
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