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Freezer Spells
Post # 1

I am turning to magic to figure out what's happened with my life. It was all great and going really well until all this negativity just started happening, and then i fell into a deep depression and anxiety and though i have worked through some issues, i still have not recovered. I used to have the best luck and now i am unlucky with everything. I have had the evil eye removal done a few times though i feel something stronger has been placed on me by someone who dislikes me, possibly a freezer spell. Is there any ways to tell if you have a freezer spell and how to remove it? Could there be any other curses that explain what i'm going through?

Thanks for all you time,
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Re: Freezer Spells
Post # 2
Can you think of any reason why someone would want to put a freezer spell on you? Maybe you can patch up that situation.
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Re: Freezer Spells
Post # 3


It sounds to me as just you should try to find ways of ridding negativity here are some ways to help that have worked for me:

Take abath with sea salt and light some candles that are lavender scented.As you cleanse yourself visualize the negativity being removed from your soul. When you let the water out just look at the water as carrying off the negativity that the sea salt absorbed. Make sure that you extinguish the candles after usage.

Another thing to do is burn sage toserve as a ward to get rid of negativity also.

If it is a hex or a curse(I'm sorry if they are the same thing and I used a double negative) I suggest that you wear an amulet or some protection charm to shield you from harm.

Also another thing to look at is that it is just part of life. We all have our ups and downs and sooner or later things return to better. There is a saying I have found true: "Things get worse before they get better." Another saying for the optimistic approach, "Even when the clouds block out the sun and everything is dreary the sun still shines behind the dark grey clouds"

Things will get better. Keep your head up high!

Mr. Bacon

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Re: Freezer Spells
Post # 4
okay you can also you the Egg cleansing( LImpias) which is taking an regular egg and rubbing it all over your body. Then take a shower. Crack the egg into a large glass of lukewarm water, and let it sit for at least two hours. During this time, the egg will form patterns. It may form an eye- then you know wsomeone is blocking you. If it form a cross(christian cross)- also someone is thwart your energy indirectly.
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Re: Freezer Spells
Post # 5
I have been dealing with this in all of January and February. I had hard making money and keeping my work assignments. I looked at everything and I believe that I may have been blocked. So, I just showered with beer, Yes that is right. A bottle of beer will cleanse your arua and clean out anything negative. Also holy water will clear you and send black the offending energy.
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