Is hypnosis magick?

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Forums -> General Info -> Is hypnosis magick?

Is hypnosis magick?
Post # 1

Self hypnosis can be used for changing certain aspects of your personality and how you perceive the world. It can also just be used to put you in a trance, and go into a world between dream and reality. Is this the same as magick? Can (sef) hypnosis be considered magick?
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Re: Is hypnosis magick?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

No hypnosis is not magic. It is a perfectly normal process of the brain.

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Re: Is hypnosis magick?
Post # 3
Can you be more specific? What is your definition of magick?
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Re: Is hypnosis magick?
Post # 4
Hmm. I think yes and no is more the proper answer.

Depend on how it is done and of course intent. Intent is always important.

In general terms, no its not magical as the affect is not summoning magical energies and influencing reality with those energies.

Your question is like asking if a wand is magical. In an of itself a wand is but a stick of wood, often with a pretty bobble attached to one end. In and of itself it is powerless and does nothing.

However, in the hands of an experienced, well focus magic user a wand suddenly becomes powerfully imbued with magical energies and is a tool of magic and thus thought of as a magical item.

Hypnosis can be magical. In the hands of a psychologist its a scientific tool, that can be used to reach more mundane ends. In the hands of a crafter who is worth their salt, it can be a magical tool to reach less than mundane ends.
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Re: Is hypnosis magick?
Post # 5
it's more psychological than magickal
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Re: Is hypnosis magick?
Post # 6
A famous adept occultist, Aleister Crowley, once described magick as being "the ability to create change in conformity with ones will". Most modern occultist have accepted this description as being quite accurate.
So you can say that magick is not simply the recapitulation of the actions of ancient, dead men and women, but a living and evolving science based upon those people's research, dedication, genius and originality. yes part of the definition of Magick is that it is a science.
Humans across the century have called things magic/Magick or unknown ! yes, if you don't know how it happen and you can't explain it... it's magic.
in other hand, it's not magic if you know how that with simple kitchen wooden matches you can make fire and light a candle.
" if you know how to do it again and again then it is a science "

when you know how to use your energy; for example to heal your self, then it's not a magic to you but perhaps for others that do not know how. because you know how to do it over and over again. so it's a known ability that you can repeat it.

self hypnosis an ability that could be learned & explained nowadays and it's acceptable as some branch of:
science = known knowledge.
If it was magick it would be unknown or unexplained knowledge

I hope you don't get lost here, it actually helped me a bit answering your question. Thank you :)
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Re: Is hypnosis magick?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7

Hypnosis isn't magic. It's essentially a procedure to bypass a person's conscious mind and deal directly with the subconsious.

Hypnosis is divided into two large groups: Stage Hypnosis, and therapeutic hypnosis.

Stage Hypnosis, uses large crowds and an interruption of an action or thought process to create a vulnerable moment were the consious mind is suspended. A command can be given, and the subject will be under a hypnotic trance.

Therapeutic Hypnosis uses calming techniques to relax the consious mind until only the subconsious is dealt with. Self hypnosis is a more difficult sub branch of this in which the hypnotist has to almost split their mind between an aspect that is ordering and one that is taking orders.

Hypnosis is a measurable phenomena. Using EEG measurements, scientists have found that hypnotized people go through a state that is similar to non-REM sleep.

The reason hypnosis seeks to access the subconsious mind is that all people have inherent desires and behaviors which are restrained by consious thought. A person not ruled by consious thought has no problem crowing like a rooster in front of a crowd because they would have no filter.

Interestingly enough, strong moral concepts cannot be bypassed by hypnosis, as things such as aversion to rape and murder are deeply ingrained in the psyche

Improving a persons life with hypnosis is based on post-hypnotic suggestion. In post-hypnotic suggestion, a person's subconsious is made to agree to a concept introduced underhypnosis, such as "Cigarettes are gross". From then on a persons basic nature would be changed slighty. Their concious mind would want to quit smoking, but their subconsious would help out by giving a feeling of disgust with cigarettes

Hypnosis itself is basic and readily doable. Post hypnotic suggestion requires a highly skilled hypnotist, who is capable of finding the right wording and behavior to make a permanent change. This is VERY hard.

Long story short, hypnosis is science not magic. The brain is a device that takes in stimuli and reacts and makes sense of it. Hypnosis provides stimuli or patterns of thought which temporarily change the way the brain works.

I've performed self-hypnosis many times and have hypnotized others, though I don't try to modify other people, because I'm not trained enough for that to be ethical.

I don't even recommend modifying yourself through hypnosis, because it can lead to unintended consequences and strange thought patterns.

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Re: Is hypnosis magick?
Post # 8
Yes and no. Hypnosis can be Very powerful and suggestions/triggers can carry through lifetimes. Speaking the words is one level, but directly placing the through forms into someone's mind/spirit can be a form of magic-telepathy-energy manipulation. I've been able to trigger some of my closer friends simply with my thoughts at times. It can be fuuuunny
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