valentines day

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valentines day
Post # 1
So one a different post I have noticed that this years Valentines day will fall under full moon and a Friday a truly once in a lifetime circumstance, I think, I have not checked the calendar for the next 100 years, so obviously this is a good day to cast a spell, so Im just trying to encourage you to (1) do a unify spell to you and who you are with (2) do a harmony spell on the whole world, you know, world pece and junk, normally I would find it pointless, and cheesy, but on this date it might actualy be worth it, if your in leve a comment bellow
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Re: valentines day
By: / Novice
Post # 2
yea, that world peace junk lol.

i'm not a valentines person myself, but a spell with your significant other isn't a bad idea. personally as with valentines i feel this could be done any full moon. [valentines has become less about the saint and more about hallmark]

for those who have no date, don't feel bad, it's no big deal, but if you want you could make a honey jar to attract more love into your life. don't cast with a specific person in mind, this spell should simply attract someone who would of probably enter your life but further down the road, instead of forcing your will over them.
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Re: valentines day
Post # 3
Well Friday counts as a day best for love magic, valentines day counts as a day for love, and a foll-moon is just a good day for magic including love magic (and I refer to unity spells as love spells) so while a love spell is effective on a friday , it is a weary effective if there is a foll-moon, so if it's on a valentines days...
cause I balive that all holidays have a reason, a one of love would hopefully have cosmic qualitys that boost love, love is a form of unity, beside that, cant hurt to try
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Re: valentines day
Post # 4
I am planning to try something different on this coming full moon. I am gonna do meditation under full moon as long as possible for me ( at least 30 min. ). Many times Moon help me to get success in my spell , so i want to appereciate God and Goddess of Moon. I hope their blessings are always remain with me. There is Love between the moon and any spell caster , so this valentine i will celebrate with the moon. ~Namaste~
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Re: valentines day
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
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