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Post # 1
I have this classmate. Our friendship has weakened over time due to certain events that I'd rather keep personal. Upon my observation, he seems to have a history of where he could have spirits trapped in his head. To explain it better, I think it's something from his subconscious awakening. I was sitting beside him and he kept mumbling wildly to himself. He's had insomnia for quite awhile. And he's been limping recently. He kept saying things like,"She is watching." and "I've prayed to the goddess." When I confronted him about this goddess, he shook his head in a disapproving manner which leads me to think that either he has no faith in this goddess or this goddess is not of good nature. I've tried to get him to tell me what going on with him, but I can barely gather bits and pieces of what he's saying. Plus, he's most likely lying. I've recently found out that he has begun to distrust me. I'm not sure why. I only want to help him regain his sanity. If you need more insight, please mail me, for I wish not to explain these details out in the open.

May Odin be with you and blessed be.
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Re: Worried.
Post # 2
Im sorry you feel so distant from your friend. You obviously care about this persons wellbeing to be so concerned. I would gently suggest to you (and your friend) that not everything is of a magical nature and he really should seek the help of a traditional least for his limp. As his friend, you will know how to raise this subject with him. Please get him properly checked out medically before looking down other paths. I hope your friend feels better soon. Forgive me if I am missing something important here. I have simply replied based upon the facts in your post.
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Re: Worried.
Post # 3
It's alright. To give you a bit more insight, I will share what I deem worthy. I know he's practiced with some sort of magic. I'm not sure which ones but its obviously taking a toll on him. But you are right. Sadly, I am not longer that close where I could get him checked out. Besides, his family doesn't have the money for it and I doubt they would care for his illness anyway. The most I could hope is that Freyja will answer my prayers and come to him in his time of need.
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Re: Worried.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Sounds a closer to adolescent schizophrenia or some other delusion as a result of insomnia, than a spiritual issue.

Not everything is a spirit, entity or can be solved with magic.
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Re: Worried.
Post # 5
Ah, true. Other than magic advice, I would like some simple advice...
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