Hey! Im new as well!

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Hey! Im new as well!
Post # 1
Well hello there! My name is.... Well for the sake of privacy and such, my name is Inari! I live in America, well.... with Americans and such. Nothing special about me I guess. I have experience with demons, but that's all. I can't see them, I can't hear them, but I can feel them, and I can cast them away from places. I chose to join this site, mainly because I want to expand my knowledge, and learn other ways of combating demons. Because salt and prayer can only do so much. So! I look forward to what I will be looking forward to what I will be learning, and I hope you all have a pleasant experience as well. One thing though. Originally I was an atheist. I didn't really believe in anything at all, until I met my girlfriend. Until I saw what demons can do to terrorize a poor woman, who didn't deserve any of what she was getting. So. I swallowed my pride and did the one thing I never thought I would do. I prayed. It was weird I tell you what, but it worked. They went away. These two demons that were messing with my girlfriend call themselves Victor and Kira. So if anyone knows something about them, feedback would be appreciated. Damn, I forgot what I was saying, oh yes! I didn't keep my mind open for the longest time, and now that it is open, I see the potential in myself, and in others. I see my potential to rid this world of demons, one by one. I sure as hell can't do it alone, but I know other people are helping as well. So I wish you all pleasant days, and god bless.

Your friendly neighborhood.... site Guy?
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Re: Hey! Im new as well!
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Welcome to the site Inari! Good luck on your journey.
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Re: Hey! Im new as well!
Post # 3
Welcome to the site.
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Re: Hey! Im new as well!
Post # 4
Welcome to the site
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