A tear in the veil

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A tear in the veil
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Last year, I don't remember exactly when it happened(just go with me on this because the question is coming) I was lonely for a departed relative of mine who died several years ago around Samhain. Anyway about a year or two after he died I started communicating with him. Sometimes he would speak into my mind and others he would channel me. We would talk whenever I was sad about something. A couple months later he sent a spirit to tell me he was passing on and it felt like he was just gone.Anyway, last year I had a moment where I missed him a lot and decided to try and pierce a hole through the veil and send him a message. It didn't work and at first the veil started to heal and occasionally a dark spirit or two would come out. Then hole started to rip and the energy around it became very dark. So far I've been trying to use my magical energy to keep it contained and sometimes it works but other times I can sense the veil ripping and picture it in my head. I've also tried picturing the veil closing up and using energy but whatever is inside it won't let me close it and keeps using its energy to keep the veil open and find weak spots. Ever since I've had a rise in negative spirits harassing me and giving me nightmares and I had a portal in a different place that I had to block. So my question is, how do I permanently close the hole in the veil? And what could happen to me from leaving it open? Honestly I'm tired of all the negative spirits harassing me so any help with this would be appreciated.
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Re: A tear in the veil
Post # 2
I mailed a solution to you inbox. Your welcome.
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Re: A tear in the veil
Post # 3
You could try the banishing ritual of the pentagram, if anything it will get rid of the dark spirits. PS: How exactly did you tear the veil open?
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Re: A tear in the veil
Post # 4
I dont know why did you even do that, you could just communicate in the astral plane
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