Body language magic

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Body language magic
By: / Novice
Post # 1
ok, lets say there are al to of ways to describe magic. but one thing I would imagine everyone can agree on is that magic stacks the deck in the adepts favor.

I like results. Results are what it is all about for me. The journey is cool too, but I gotta admit, I am goal oriented person.

Ive used body language to help out in a lot of social situations. it is ordinary stuff, just the way you carry yourself and talk and act, but it sends out serious vibes that can really stack the deck in your favor. it manipulates people's impression of you and like magic there is an intent to it.

Im interested, do others here recognize and use body language to your advantage? What are some of your experiences?

I'll give you some examples.

When I was a teenager, my parents had friends who had a daughter that was older than me. She was very beautiful and very smart. I asked her once how I could be more confident around beautiful women. What she told me changed me forever. She said, you don't need to be confident around beautiful women, just be confident all the time. Practice by talking to random strangers...she was so right....the more I talked to lots of people the more confident I became as I would look at what "went right" and what went wrong"

I didn't feel nervous around beautiful women because I talked to anyone.

Another example is that is more specific is using body language when I teach kids. I teach younger ones to hs kids and this works universally. My body language has an "open " approach, I am square to the audience. At a certain point, if I start to lose attention, but just before it turns into "breaking a rule" I'll retreat a bit and I'll "close" my body a bit; I'll turn my shoulder and pull back a bit like im hiding something. Very subtle but it never fails...since it looks a little like im hiding something, I get the attention back without having to stop and enforce a rule. works about 90% of the time without fail.

What do you guys thing? Im interested if you work this kind of mundane magic and what your experiences might be?
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Re: Body language magic
Post # 2
There have been countless psychology studies. Most suggest that maintaining a good posture- that is straight back, head held high etc. will actually make you feel more confident and will make people see you as a more confident person and are more likely to approach you.

How we feel effects our bodies and our bodies can alter how we a certain extent, the idea is once they instill this more confident attitude you just become confident through practice.

Body language is lso recognised by the unconscious mind- people read it automatically without realizing it. Altering your stance e.g. from assertion to relaxed and layed back will alter how people percieve you and ultimately treat you.

I believe it was wilhelm Reich who would mimic the posture of his patients in order to get into their frame of mind and see where hey were at mentally.

I wouldn't call it magick, just psychology.
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Re: Body language magic
By: / Novice
Post # 3
agree with you there Hadit

it is psychology, and mundane, but it can have that "magical" effect when done right.

The story of the doctor is great, mimicking body language is a great way to break down barriers, and when someone does it unconsciously mimicking you and you recognize it, it is a positive sign things are going well

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Re: Body language magic
Post # 4
Just realised how silly my statement was about it not being magick- it creates a change which is internal which will ultimately effect the external too via peoples reactions. It perfectly falls into the definition of magick.

When you can recognise a good manipulator you start to be able to perceive people's true intentions. There are plenty who use the technique to their advantage for sympathy etc. or attention....such people can be so called 'psychic vampires' and leave you feeling drained.

I use the term psychic vampire without any metaphysical connotations, or supernatural ones, attached to it.
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Re: Body language magic
By: / Novice
Post # 5

that's what I mean about a kind of magical effect...

you pointed out correctly too that body language can be used a form of protection by interpreting the language and recognizing when you are being manipulated.

There is also something protective like this, body language can tell you when you are in danger. Children that grow up in violent homes know how to read body language very effectively at an early age as it can be a matter of life and death..

that's why I thought it might be relevant to this forum...

there is the intent aspect to it and then the manifestation, just no candles and chants etc


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