im new to magick

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Forums -> General Info -> im new to magick

im new to magick
Post # 1
hi i wanted to know if i have to cleanse my room and initiate myself? its in a book i'm reading and i wanted to know do i follow what it says or just read it?
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Re: im new to magick
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Most books are written for profit.They are merely one person's opinion on a subject. You could read a hundred books, and still not "know" very much.
There is nothing better than a personal, real live,teacher.There is almost bound to be a Pagan group near you. If not, contact The International Pagan Federation.
When you read a non-fiction book, research the author, and the publisher.See what they have written before, and why.
Try to find books published by a University Press.
There are so many books about so many Pagan subjects, you could be driven crazy by even just a few of them.
"Don't believe everything you read; and only believe half of what you see!"
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Re: im new to magick
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

No, you don't have to initiate yourself. In fact the idea of "self-initiation" is an oxymoron. One cannot initiate oneself. Self-initiation really should be written as "dedication".

Cleansing your room and creating wards and shields is a good idea if you are going to routinely be doing magic there. But again, it isn't absolutely necessary.

What book were you reading all of this in?

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Re: im new to magick
Post # 4
bucklands complete book of witchcraft beginner to witchcraft
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Re: im new to magick
Post # 5
Considering that you will be essentially making a life long commitment to a way of life....

Trust me one can take the witch out of the craft, one can't take the craft out of the witch - meaning once you get started you will always be casting - more often than not not fully aware you are.

Dedication (self initiation as others call it) is like going to get married - one doesn't just pick a random person and run to the altar and make vows, one dates the person, learn about them - as much as possible before dedicating self to that person for life. Traditions are going to be like people, you may have to kiss a lot of frogs.....

I strongly, very strongly, suggest you read a lot - various authors various traditions and find one that resonates with you in the truths that you read BEFORE you start doing spells, making vows, cleansing and dedicating yourself to a path. I seriously doubt you understand fully what it is you are are looking at. There is way to much false information (stereotype/myth/etc) about all traditions.

Understand that power corrupts, you may be attracted to the potential power here and have deluded yourself that you ain't. Power does that. You need to read, study, learn the basic rules - there are consequences to all magic - all. If you leap into this world you may do more harm than you can even dream.

DO NOT attempt spell crafting until you find that tradition that suits you. Then dedicate yourself when you are ready to commit for life to that tradition. Then start crafting.

Baby steps - little baby steps.

If at all possible find others in your area who share a similar interest. Some to many covens take part in initiating people, and even offering initial training and some solid experience to ease the new comer into this life.

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