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Post # 1
Hi. I'm very new to the site. (And a bit nervous...past sites haven't been so welcoming or helpful or supportive...and this is my first real post, so your patience is appreciated)

I was wondering about dreams...Since I was a child, I've had very vivid dreams in which I have a hard time waking up from. I also have repetitive dreams that have become as familiar to me as my own face. Bits of my dreams will come to fruition, the majority I believe is symbolism. I have countless dream journals...I just don't know how to make sense of all of it.

Some of my dreams are absolutely terrifying. Most are just plain odd.

How can I tap into this with more confidence and surety? Is this something I should be nurturing? Can/Should it tie into witchcraft?

I am very new to witchcraft as well. I've read many a book, but have only begun practicing. any advice given would be great.
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Re: Dreams
Post # 2
Dreams can be a variety of things, from premonitions, to simply just a creation of our own freaky subconscious. Some people believe that dreams can tell us what happens in the future or remind us what happened in past lives. But again, we do have a lot of thoughts and actions lurking in every corner of our minds and when we sleep they are likely to surface, so don't take all dreams to heart. Only things that you feel as significant, or keeping all of them in a dream journal, you can look upon them later to see if they have any connection to events that have happened since you had the dream to try and put together what dreams mean something and what dreams are just odd. If you believe a dream means something I would take into note everything in that dream and symbolically or not you can try and relate them to things going on in real life, and figure it out from there. As there might be no clear answer, it still might help you in the outcome.
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Re: Dreams
By: / Novice
Post # 3

I know how you feel about dreams. I have some of the most scariest, werdiest dreams like ever. I Know i am a spiritual medium and i tend to get really odd dreams. Sometimes ill just get them cause there just random dreams and don't really mean anything. But other times i feel like i get dreams that when I wake up from that i cant stop thinking about them and feel like it may mean soemthing just not sure what.

Its really hard to explain my dreams. But you know everyone has different dreams it just depends on the person. I would try to keep practicing meditation daily. Its the key to all your answers when it comes to dream realm, its also best work with energy because dreams can also come from energy. Its just what i believe in anyway.

If you think you should look into witchcraft I would do it. Always try to trust your instincts and follow them theres always that little voice in your head telling you something. I know it tends to get annoying though sometimes lol. I hope this helps.Blessed Be!

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Re: Dreams
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Strictly speaking, dreams are the neurons in your brain "sorting themselves out". We are animals, and all animals dream. If you have a pet animal, watch the eyes as your pet sleeps.You will see that they are dreaming, just as you do.
Dreams can be very scary, or very pleasant. But they are just that! Dreams.
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Re: Dreams
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Well it depends on the dream. If you have a fun dream or you dream about events from the day, I wouldn't interpret them as its just your mind entertaining you. Same with a random nightmare. It's the really vivid and/or the reoccuring dreams you should look into. Dreams are our subconcious, sometimes it tried to tell us things. A logical example would be a person who endured some type of trama in the past [such as rape, robbery, witnessing or comitting a crime] can have dreams where these events repeat themself. This is your mind telling you that deep down you need to deal with these things.

I know many pagans who incorperate dream interpretation into their craft, so you can too. While buying some books on symbols or visiting websites on the subject are good starting points and can help when you're confused, the dream was yours so it boils down to what you feel. An owl could mean wisdom to most, but a bad experience makes you fear them, this would change theeaning so you need to go with what owl mean to you. You also interpret the whole dream, not just 'red balloon' 'ball' 'teacup'. You need to go 'middle of the night, the moon was waxing, I saw an owl who grabbed a mouse, I was scared so I ran to a barn...' And interpret everything, the time of day, if there was colour [because most dream in black and white then add colour through association like 'green grass' 'blue sky'] your feelings, if you smelled, heard, or felt something [soft, cold, slimy]

Again though not every dream is meaningful, so while a dream journal is a great idea, only interpersonal the very vivid and reoccuring. Above all, don't let dreams determine what you do. If you dreamt you would break your foot skating, don't avoid skating because what happened in a dream. I had a dream as a child of drowning in a strange pool. Eventually I moved and the pool in the town was the one in my dream. Sure enough once I nearly drowned, but it hasn't stopped me from swimming. Take them as warnings of what could happen, don't sit in fear that it will happen.
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Re: Dreams
Post # 6
Personaly i feel i am at a good point in my practice to provide a plausible explanation here. I beleive that some dreams that stand out are past life memories of divination into the next life by your past self. And some dreams are contact by a spirit who cannot contact you another way due to the fact that the ability has not been developed in your concious mind, plus everything you guys said before me. Just wanted to note that many christian churches popular beleif was that it was a sign of witchcraft and prayer was needed to remove the nightmares.
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Re: Dreams
Post # 7
Thank you to everyone who responded!

Because my dreams are very vivid and seem to take such a toll on me, I do believe that they mean something. I do have dreams that are just nothing...odds and ends and my brain doing it's things. But the dreams I refer to in my original post are different, they feel different.

I am often able to smell, touch/feel, read and write in my dreams. perhaps to some this isn't significant...but everything in me is telling me it is.

I truly am not sure where to go from here. what to do with them. is there a way to encourage this ability? my repetitive dream: is there something I'm missing? why do I keep having it (it's popped up now and then since I was a child)? I need a dream interpreter on hand or a dream doctor or something. I'm lost.
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