Getting Back Into Spells

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Getting Back Into Spells
Post # 1
Hopefully this is the right thread - I've been posting a few threads since yesterday and just have a few more questions. I have to say first, that most people who answer on these threads are very helpful and I enjoy being back in this community.

With that said, a little background, when I was in HS, I was very active in Magic and casting spells - nothing out of the ordinary, but most of the time they did work. My energy was calm and clear, focused, and I was able to channel that to the spell I was casting.

Recently, I have been feeling the urge or the pull back to the art and wanting to try some spells again, mostly love spells. I'm 31 and haven't actively practiced magic since around HS. I still frequent my tarot cards but those, also not as much as I used to. I guess I'm worried that since I haven't used my energy in so long, that when I cast these spells, they will be ineffective...can anyone shed some light on my thinking? Am trying to do too much too soon? Or if I feel the energy (whatever you may want to call it) and have that same sense of calm, will I be able to cast my spells and have no issues? (*side note, I know not all spells work the first time and some times can take a few tries so I'm not expecting instant gratification)

All answers and replies that are helpful are welcomed!
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Re: Getting Back Into Spells
Post # 2

I think it's because of the inactivity with casting spells.

It's like exercising. If you're a marathon runner, and you can run five miles in half a hour(I'm just pulling numbers out of my rear, I'm not actually saying that's true), and you stop running for a while, it's going to lower your ability to run five miles in how-ever-many-minutes.

Now relate that to magic. If you haven't been practicing for a while, then spells might not take effect.

It just takes practice.

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Re: Getting Back Into Spells
By: / Novice
Post # 3
its wonderful though to come back to this later in life. I think your maturity will aid you in your practice and working on your spiritual path

I imagine you will be more focused and perceptive as well discerning in what you want to do, how you will do it, and why you are doing it.

Awesome! Good for you!

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Re: Getting Back Into Spells
Post # 4
I'm sure once you've practiced enough you'll be able to cast spells very easily again
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