The Right Love Spell

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The Right Love Spell
Post # 1
ok this might be a little long of a story but...
throughout the years I have tried a few love spells on this one guy, sometimes it gives him a push but later it dies down. the only spells that seem to work on him are those for communication. one night I envisioned him sitting in front of me and I yelled at him for shutting me out of his life. the next day I received a message from him online apologizing for not speaking to me due to school work.
later that week I went to a psychic and had her read my cards. and it was complicated she put them in a circle within a circle and she was dead right with a lot of things. she was right about my restless nights, me moving, my holiday party and she told me my heart wasn't in it because someone I cared for wasn't going to be there. I also asked her what the high priestess and magician meant and what they meant in that certain location, I knew though, she said that was my power (I bet she didn't know I practiced witchcraft), but I digress. she said she saw someone older than me, a man who was taken from me not to long ago, she said that the guy still love me but he doesn't know how to follow his dream and include me in it. she said he'll come back into my life if I just get the ball started.
I've tried once asking Hecate for help, but all I got were certain objects that seemed to move to another location in my house by themselves.
I need someone to help me find a spell that will let him follow his dream but still include me.
I need a communication, beacon, or love spell. can someone please help me.
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Re: The Right Love Spell
Post # 2
I'm not a big love spell person, but communication is easy. It does sound as though he is rather busy but he is still interested in you or he would not have e mailed you. You can keep the lines of communication open by just e mailing him. Let him know that you understand he is busy and talk that way for a bit. After a bit if you know he has free time, try asking if he wants to hang out. Being friends with one you really like is hard, but friends may be the only thing he has time for. When he has time for more, you will have a stronger friendship and be around.
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