Out of Body Experience??

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Out of Body Experience??

Out of Body Experience??
Post # 1
Ok this may sound crazy but I looked everywhere for an answer, but coming up with nothing useful. Here it is....
Last night my husband and I went to bed as normal. He fell asleep before me as always. I couldn't sleep. I remember looking at the clock watching the hours change and even getting out of bed 3x's to go to the bathroom. But my husband told me today that he couldn't sleep and he was exhausted. I told him he was asleep all night for I was up all night. He said I was out cold all night and never even moved when he got out of bed. But I remember being up and moving around, and yet I woke up feeling good and not tried at all. But I did get up and watched the clock change hrs till 4am. What could this mean, did I have an outer body experience or is this something else. Just wondering. Maybe someone has had this happen or heard of it. Curious
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Re: Out of Body Experience??
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

More likely you had a very vivid dream rather than an OBE.

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Re: Out of Body Experience??
Post # 3
A vivid Dream, I never thought of that. But again I can't say I ever had one either. It was crazy, I felt the carpet under my feet, the water on my hands, I remember going to the bathroom. I remember putting on more chapstick. If that's a vivid dream, wow, that's really crazy. It seemed so real, like it really happened. It's crazier because I'm a very lite sleeper, the smallest sound or movement I'm up, so when my husband moved around I should have been up. Wow.
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Re: Out of Body Experience??
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Maybe you were just awake at different times? I know my husband and I do that. I can be up with my infant son, pass out, and he will get up afterwards, neither of us being awake at the same time. He will go back to bed, my son will cry, and I'll wake back up. He can't wake up to my son's cries, but I do instantly, yet I will sleep through everything else like a rock. Depending on when you wake up, will depend on how you will feel. You have 4 stages of sleep, and if those 4 stages are interrupted during the wrong time, you feel exhausted. They say these stages can be timed, but in my own experience, they are adapted through the conditioning of habitual sleep schedules. So it's really about getting to know your own body rhythms.
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