Second chance with my ex

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Second chance with my ex

Second chance with my ex
Post # 1
Hi, I'm new to spells of magic and all kinds of spell work. I have doing a lot of reading and research and after getting scammed by two people in Africa I've decided other routes. So here I am. Me and my ex girlfriend were in a relationship for 7 years and we lived together for the last year and a half. We've been broke up for 6 weeks now she say we have been together for too long and I did not marry her or have a child with her. I said ok we can do so but she said no because its not genuine and not from the heart. But only reason I didn't because of being afraid of the financial aspect of it. But I love her with all of me and I've been a good man just took along time. I know she still loves me and me and her dad are best friends. She's avoiding me and I moved out. Can anyone please help me to get the chance to do everything she deserves. Can Someone cast for me or help me. I want to do what I should've done and to be with her happily married. Wow! I've posted a book! Seriously though I really need help with getting my queen back
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Re: Second chance with my ex
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
The best solution is to simply be honest with her. Explain your fears and your true desire to be with her.
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Re: Second chance with my ex
Post # 3
I did...but it's outside interference (mom)
Also she's a Buddhist that chants daily and I know she's confiding in her faith and trying to block me out. If I had the opportunity I would jump at it but it seems like she wants me to suffer
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Re: Second chance with my
Post # 4
I agree. You do not want her to get mad at you for using magic against her mother or to get her back. But you could do a simple defensive spell called cut the cord. You make a representation of the person who cast the spell, and a representation of the person the spell was cast on, and bind them together tightly with a red cord. Stating that the cord represents the bond between them. Then cut the cord down the middle, and bury one representation in one place and the other in another. Or burn them at different times. The point being apart. ~blessed be~
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Re: Second chance with my ex
Post # 5
Barbi can you PM me?
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