Sleep paralysis

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis
Post # 1

I have had sleep paralysis a few times and have been told it is the start of an out of body experience. My question is; why can't I open my eyes during the paralysis and has that happened to anyone else? I know people who had sleep paralysis and were able to at least open their eyes.
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Re: Sleep paralysis
Post # 2
I have sleep paralysis before after having a horrible dream. When your body reacts in a paralyzed state, it hinders most (if not all) of your muscle movement. Which would explain you not being able to open your eyes.
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Re: Sleep paralysis
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

The Website below will explain how Sleep paralysis happens and how to fix it. i had it due to stress and poor Sleeping Habits.

I have no idea if Astral Projection is connected but try to fix the issue if it is becoming a problem.

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Re: Sleep paralysis
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Sleep paralysis is a medical condition and should not be overlooked as a spiritual occurrence.

The body loses feeling and can twitch in a trance state but you can break from it easily which is why people have trouble entering trances and staying in them. Deep trances may take a little more time to be brought around entirely, but it is never impossible.

Even the well known spirit known as a hag among other names doesn't entirely paralyze you, but it is more like something invisible is literally sitting on you, pressing its weight on you, preventing you from getting up. Big difference because you can still move and feel your body, it is just as if someone were holding you down.

So please, go to a doctor. This is not spirit or magick associated.
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