:-) looking for a mentor

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:-) looking for a mentor
Post # 1
Hello from the snowy northern woods,

I'm looking for a mentor - my experiences and effects on things
Is a bit much - I am likely clumsy and a few times have run into
Energy that has seized control of my body - literally.

I'd prefer that not happen again.

And other then a violent hex that killed my
Ex mother in law (called down the sky on her
For lack of a better way to explain it) - I'd like to
Use my powers to help others and myself - be accurately
Sensitive and heal. Well and protect me and mine.

I have many mentors - but not in this way - it's time.

Much love and thanks - so relieved to find this place!

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Re: :-) looking for a mentor
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: :-) looking for a mentor
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Be careful in your search. somebody offered to be my mentor on here and without informing me before hand he tried to get me involved in some dedication ritual or something to prepare me for the path? That's what it sounded like he was trying to say but he was very vague and unclear. I really felt he had other intentions.

Anyway i don't know if i can be a mentor, but i can give you some advice. It sounds like you are very adept at offensive magick. Which may cause you to bee lacking in the defensive area. Be sure you have a shield up or some kind of energy wall for around you while working with energy. Wholly and completely covering
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Re: :-) looking for a mentor
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Covering you. This can be done at any time. Its good to practice the basics once in a while to just make sure its always fresh in your mind.

Like they always say, practice makes perfect. or close to it anyway.
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Re: :-) looking for a mentor
Post # 5
Thank you Dezzy - I'm going to have to learn
How to do that properly I think - its all just instincts
Now. Thank you also for telling me a bit of our story -
I don't want to participate in any group or otherwise -
I want sisters and to refine my practice - hopefully that will
Narrow my selection a bit. If I need to join a club ...
I'm not interested ;-)
I gather there must be a section on basics - ill find it.
I'm great at defense when I know it's coming - and can
Clear paths through crowds without a blink - but again it's
Picking up more subtle cues that often feel like a compulsion
To go somewhere and then I do and get wracked energetically!
My mother sees old things - past people and events and
Engages them - mine is more strictly energy as I tend to feel
Old lives and walk away fast unless I like them.

No more wacking - and want to work on energy - chi -
Spirit - source - life force to help heal and with labor induction
For my heavily pregnant and tired friends! ;-)

Yey!!! I am so grateful for this place!!

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Re: :-) looking for a mentor
By: / Beginner
Post # 6

Also look through the articles. There is a wide variety of information in there and in some forums.
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