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Help Please!
Post # 1
Greetings everyone!

I'm in need of someone who can tell me why I keep on dreaming of this man(who is a philosophy teacher at the college I went to) who I don't know except for what other people tell. He keeps on appearing in my dreams randomly, for the last couple of months, it sometimes feels like an astral projection but I'm not 100% sure. The last dream I had he gave me a flower and the dream before that he had touched my arm or leg(not sure which one it was) but I felt this burning sensation within the dream.

I would appreciate any sort of feedback and thank you
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Re: Help Please!
Post # 2
well, as a philosophy teacher, perhaps he is the manifest content of the idea of a keeper of arcane knowledge, your dreams of being closer to him may show a desire to learn about the occult... which i believe is probably true.. seeing as you're on this site. unless of course the teacher is sexy. then you probably just want to sex him.
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Re: Help Please!
Post # 3
Take detailed notes of any more dreams that involve him as soon as you wake up. This will help you to see what it is that his figure is doing there by looking at how he acts, what he has done, and what sensations it gave you.

Beyond that, it is difficult to say.
Most men of intelegance have some sort of quirk about them. In this case, that is to say that your brain didn't just automatically give this character a shape from your past, it might be him reaching out. His quirk being the active practice of magic, which in main stream society is seen as odd. This is unlikely though since you really don't know each other.

Otherwise it might be something with a form unknown to you trying to make a connection. It could be ANYTHING that you have never seen before, an angle or deamon or maby even god, including another person. From what you have described, the flower might be an apology for causing you pain in a previous encounter. This is slightly more likely, however it is pretty far fetched.

Any who, it is best if you draw the final conclusion because you are the one with the dreams. I do advise the journal though, just keep it away from company, they might think it odd. ;)
Best of luck!
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Re: Help Please!
Post # 4
The fact that you are dreaming about him cosistently, tells me your subconcious is trying to send you a specific message, using the images of him as a link to unlock the message in your concious mind. Just take some time to think about the interactions youve had with him. There are a couple of meditation exercises you may find helpfull. One is to ask diety during AP or look for a spirit guide to enlighten you. I can guide you through either of those if you like.
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Re: Help Please!
Post # 5
What you gave is not enough information to make any accurate assessments about the depth that dwells beyond this dream. If you could give more details, i may be able to help. Give any details you can remember about the dream, even if it seems insignificant to you.
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