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Spells for Stalkers
Post # 1
I am being stalked by two stalkers twins brother and sister who would not leave me alone and been stalking me for eight years. But the part that scares me the most is that I know they know a site called which tried and my wishes came true. I think they are using it and making wishes on me because I used be more social, lazy, extremely unlucky, depressed for no reason, unwilling to make friends , unfriendly and the opposite of myself years ago as even my parents is repeatedly telling me that I completely changed. Whenever I make a friend as my friendships used to be forever lasting all moved away, died (referring to my many pets), stopped being my friend and betrayed me. I then tried to not be seen with the little friends I had left by them as they did not leave me, or move away foe a year and a half until one day when leaving with them from my school I turned around to see them staring at me and my friend and a week later she moved back to India. And that's when my personality completely changed to emotional to unfeeling, loving to heartless for I can no longer feel for anybody or myself no matter how much I try, and all my pride and energy have left me. I am surprised they did not have made a love wish to me but I am currently having nightmares of them and sometimes if I think of someone/something I still love and have or am happy as soon do I if I blink/close my eyes I see them even if I am not thinking about them. I tried going on the site but my wishes always fail now and usually on the first day no matter how hard I try and I try to believe and have strong but like I said I barely can feel anymore as even as I write this I only feel so little even though I know I hate hate them so much. So please if you have any spells to block their wishes and make their wishes completely lose effect, make them no longer have feeling for me as in no feelings at all because they might wish for me dead, and so they will move far away and/or stay out of my life and if there is any spells for this make them completely forget about that site and so they would not use it on other people again.
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Re: Spells for Stalkers
By: / Novice
Post # 2
yeesh sounds scary. I guess both of them are the "evil" twin

first thing that comes to mind is hot foot powder along their stalking path or around your hhome to make them go away. do a psalm for protection with it.

you can do a freezer spell too, that's super easy and you can put both of them in the same container

cut and clear seems like a good cast too.

so that's three possible solutions. the rest is up to you

Good luck and im really sorry youre going through that

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Re: Spells for Stalkers
Post # 3
logically this real wishes thing isn't supposed to make wishes come true, but if it is, then there is definitely magic involved. This might just be a psychological effect, but otherwise, even so, magic can't alter fate, how does this real wishes thing work?
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Re: Spells for Stalkers
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from Comments.
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