Natural scrying?

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Natural scrying?
Post # 1
From a very young age I've seen faces (other than my own) in mirrors. It especially happens at night, when it is dark, etc. I avoid looking in mirrors at night and in dark because sometimes I have caught sight of a luminous shadowy face. If that makes sense. It frightens me a lot. A couple of them seemed to be trying to communicate with me which I fled from.
I am very afraid. I had a couple spiritual experiences as an adolescent that were kind of aggressive (something hovering over my chest/heart and making it hard for me to "breath", things like that). I believe that those spirits have been cast out but they really scarred my perception.

I'm not very sure about scrying (my fear is holding me back) but if I look into a glass or water I am sure something will come. How should I prepare myself? Any words or advice?

Thanks so much.
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Re: Natural scrying?
Post # 2

Things like this are more or less normal. I'm laughing at such things now. At night I sometimes see shadow spirits passing by, one even came out of a ceilingonce lol (that was funny one, but first time I saw that I got scared x.x).. Then I seen a girl in front of a lamp, she was white color, long wavy hair and in a little cute dress. She was standing there looking at road, and light turned off when she was there. I went back to house and returned and she was still there. Then she looked at me so creepily and had that evilish look in her eyes and then vanished. And guess what, street light she was below turned back on. (I literally freaked out, almost ended up crying lol) Then since my friend was sleeping over (happened on 30th-31th December, 2013), that same spirit stood in corner where my feet were and since I have huge bed my friend was next to me sleeping. Spirit had dark energy flowing out of her and I simply fell asleep. My friend noticed this spirit after I fell asleep. She told me spirit was looking at me andtwitching, at same time I myself while I was sleeping twitched few times (as my friend said). Then spirit wanished. Day later my best friend came and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend saw spirit and did something and purified that spirit, then spirit wanished. Was pretty cool experience tho XD.. And today I heard dog crying and went to see what's with him. Didn't find out but when I looked on side there was something my grandpa built, it has boz shape, and is about 170-180cm tall.. I saw somebody's head there and we ended up staring at each other (shadow person passing by).. Quite funny. Spirits can be so funny sometimes XD.. Also back on new year there was girl shadow spirit on top of my closet, later inside of it too.. Whats funnier, we were watching horror movie called The Conjuring.. On end that girl ended up watching it with us haha.. She was sitting on my bed and watching.. I love spirits haha.. They are both scary and awesome lol..

But anyway for what you said. Feel their energy. Some people mistake energy of scared spirit and negative, so pls if you sense scared spirit don't scare it more with SoM suggestions for banishing spirits.. If it's negative then protect yourself, if it's positive leave them be and dont get scared.. It's really normal for people to see spirits. My best friend got terrified of ones in mirror..

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Re: Natural scrying?
Post # 3
Thank you so much! That was really helpful. I think it's just a mental block that is my issue.
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Re: Natural scrying?
Post # 4

Maybe, but every1 get's scared at first. And you're welcome, glad I could help. Mail me if you need anything and if I can help.

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Re: Natural scrying?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
why don't you ask yourself what exactly you are afraid of? A person looking at you? Essentially that is all that it is. Spirits aren't all pretty to look at, and you know, most humans aren't either!

I personally advocate no spirit communication in a bedroom. Most adolescents do this, and that invites not so nice spirits to prey on them as they sleep. It is welcoming a spirit into their sleeping space. No good! Keep it to other rooms in the house, preferably one single room that you can maintain a nice energy in that is clean and welcoming. When you talk to one spirit, it doesn't mean that's the only one around, so as Pyro said, you need to protect yourself. But really, when we say "protect yourself" this doesn't mean that if you don't they will jump out and kill you. That's just silly. Spirits take a long time to do any sort of damage to you unless you ignorantly invite them in some way to have more influencement. If you look at all those horror stories of "based on true stories" it always begins with an invite.

If you use a mirror to communicate, make it just one mirror. Put it in front of you, cleanse the mirror, light a candle, after the goodbyes have been said, cleanse the mirror again and do an action that "closes" the mirror. This could be as simple as drawing an X over it with a protective incense smoke or some blessed water. Really see that that mirror is sealed shut and no longer a window. Then cover the mirror and put it away. In this way, you are showing control and dominance over the situation, and it will not get out of hand. The biggest mistake most people do is give a sense of dominance to the spirit and then they do this to the wrong spirit, and that spirit starts trouble.
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Re: Natural scrying?
Post # 6
Can you please scry for me and give me a reading?
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