Is it possible..

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Is it possible..
Post # 1
That if you would die in a dream could it be your alternate reality dying? I've never really though of it until now.. I've died multiple times in my dreams and been searching online why I've been dying in dreams. I happen to remember one time when I was killed in the Wild West in a gun shoot-out which I think was a past-life.
Also, is it true when sometimes, you get killed in dreams, some people can't wake up without force from another person or you might die?
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Re: Is it possible..
Post # 2
I've never heard of this?!! LOL i've heard that if you die in your dream you die in real life. I never die in my dreams though, people around me die and i have some close calls but i never die. I usually find some way to escape or wake up before anything bad happens to me. =p
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Re: Is it possible..
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
This sounds interesting, I personally don't recall my dreams, but I always understood that the human reflex is to wake up from dreams when experiencing a tragic event such as death prior to death due to most likely fear as it seems real at the time. I never believed the possibility of dying in real life because there's no way to prove it or I must admit disprove it, as I had never heard of anyone experiencing death in their dreams. Of course I'm sure many have dreamed of being mortally wounded yet never crossing the threshold into death. I know this doesn't answer your question I just simply found this concept intriguing,
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Re: Is it possible..
Post # 4
This is the first i have heard this and it worries me a lot. Many of my dreams involve gruesome scenes of either dying or me slaughtering people, and if dreams are alternate-reality versions of me, then... yeah.
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Re: Is it possible..
Post # 5
I guess they are just dreams because most of the times Elmo has big butcher knives to cut me with, and I'm sure Elmo hasn't been around that long to be in so many dreams of past lives..
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