Re-Using personal concern

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Re-Using personal concern
Post # 1
Hi everyone,
i have to redo my sweetjar because its leaking however the only personal concern i have (chewed piece of gum) is in the first jar. So my question is can i reuse that piece of gum? Is there anything special i should do to it? Any advice will greatky help
thank you all and blesses be :)
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Re: Re-Using personal con
Post # 2
No. You will have to get more or do a sugar jar with only a petition paper. His name 3 times your name 3 times your intent in unending circle without lifting paper from pen and going back after to cross ts' and dot is' folded as many times as you can toward yourself. Or a picture of you and one of him, facing each other and sewed together with red ribbon. Or you could use a representation of yourself and one of him and bind them together with red ribbon. For instance for my mom and dad i used a charm made with rosemary. Thats her name. And a feather. His name is jay but he has whistled and had the nickname jaybird for as long as i can remember. And sugar. I burnt one candle on the top with their initials carved on one side and love carved on the other. But you could dress it with an appropriate oil instead. Set up reps e,s,w,n with a quartz, a hot pink agate a mini bottle of water and a mini bottle of salt. I have a mini wand made from the end of a chopstick. I cast a circle around and let the candle burn a
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Re: Re-Using personal con
Post # 3
Ll the way out, erased the circle and let the magic out into the world put a key that i charmed for happiness on it with a ribbon and gave it a shake and mailed it to my mom with instructions to put it in her windowsill for 24 hrs. During each full moon to cleanse and charge it to keep it working and i havnt heard a peep out of them.
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Re: Re-Using personal concern
Post # 4
Wow thats amazing :) thank you Barbi i will for sure try that :)
blessed be forever
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