Blood magick money spell

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Blood magick money spell
Post # 1
Who has tried the blood magick money spell? Is it a good spell?
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Re: Blood magick money spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Well I can't say that I've ever tried this particular spell but by giving it a gloss over it appears to have some good elements at least. Personally though I find that it contains a few too many spelling and grammatical errors which typically makes me doubt its' integrity. That said cinnamon is occasionally used in money charms and I know of many people that like to use the symbol of fake money to focus intent in such spells.

Ultimately there's no such thing as a good or a bad spell. There are spells which are unrealistic and won't work because of this (think mermaid stuff) however for the vast majority of spells it depends on the relationship of the caster to the work. What works well for one person may be an utter flop for another so it really is highly variable between practitioners. Ultimately if you believe in the spell and are happy with the symbolism in them then it has the best chance of working for you.

If there are any parts of the spell that you're unhappy with then try adapting it for your own needs a little or writing your own. Ultimately the "best" spells are those you've worked on yourself simply because it's more tailored to your own particular style. For example this spell mentions the angel Zachareal, now personally I don't really believe in or work with angels so if I wanted to adapt the spell for myself then I'd have to change it, it's surprising how relatively minor adjustments can make the spell infinitely more personal.
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Re: Blood magick money spell
Post # 3
Yes. I must agree with Murfie. People categorize spells because its necessarily easier to talk about them in that way. Like, Black and White magick.. etc.

Blood magick used by itself is very powerful. Do it wrongly and you can have the spell rebound on you.. Even if it is successful, a spell to manipulate a part of the universe could be punishable in the afterlife and your current life..

So be careful. :P
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