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Hey Newbe here!
Post # 1
I'm new here to the site and to the arts :) SO far I love this place. I'm a tamed person by nature. I enjoy falling in the background and watching. That being said, Since joining, people here have been Welcoming and WOnderful. It's a very nice feeling.
.. I've lived all my life with Wicca practices and The religion of Christianity in my life. MY mother was wicca, as she said and Practiced. MY father was not. He held the faith of Church of God like most people in my life.
that being said, I always found peace and comfort in my mother's way. It always had a calming way with me. the smell of incense , The sound of music and energy but i didn't dare take part into because of my father...........
Anyways XDDD As the years went on. I moved off, got married and enjoy my life BUT i always felt something missing.. I've tried to put my energy into my fathers and husband faith but It never felt right... I've always felt, trap and loss. Not able to be myself :( it's not a fun feeling, it's caused me deep and long Depression and Anxiety

SOOO.. so i'm new and i'm here to learn all that i can! Sorry for the short tell of my life. i felt i needed to share. XD

Right now, I trying to learn how to focus energies and clear my Chakras, learning about meditation.. :) I've been reading what i can. I wanted to focus on myself as a person, balancing my emotions and energies.

p.s dyslexic, so sorry if things in my spelling or grammar is off XD
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Re: Hey Newbe here!
Post # 2
Welcome to SoM, Karida. I"m Njaara, feel free to message me about anything. I've been a practicing Wiccan for 5ish years now, and I still consider myself a student, but I can be useful. I'm familiar with chakra cleansing as well, and I read Tarot, if that interests you.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the site. Everyone here is very friendly and there are some wonderfully knowledgable people that are always willing to help out.
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Re: Hey Newbe here!
Post # 3
Hi and welcome to SOM, here are some starter links to assist you:

Also I suggest that you have a look at these books
Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunnigham
Living Wicca: A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunnigham
The Truth About Witchcraft by Scott Cunnigham
Divination For Beginners by Scott Cunnigham
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