Physical pain

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Physical pain
Post # 1
Please can someone help me out here? My friend just got a set of tarot cards. His first deck. He really grew attached to them and after a few days he started feeling tingly. It was right after he picked them up. Then the tingly started hurting him. Really badly. It became a sharp pain all through his body. It wont stop and it has traveled from the bottom of his body to the top. I have dealt with tarot for a while now but I have never heard of something like this happening to someone. I don't remember it happening to me at all... Can anyone please tell me what is happening to him and how to stop it?
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Re: Physical pain
Post # 2
Is he allergic to the type of ink they are printed with? Tingling to sharp pain sounds like some kind of reaction.

Have you used the deck? I know they are supposed to be a personal item, but if it effects you then perhaps a new deck is in order. If you are fine then it might be an allergy he has and if I were you, I would look into it more.

I await your feedback.
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Re: Physical pain
Post # 3
Or. Just a thought but maybe he is an empathe and he needs to practice shielding. Grounding and centering. Cleansing and protection. But first you should be seen by a physician to make sure its not a coincidence and he may have an actual medical condition. After that. Meditation and a.p. Would probably be helpful for him. ~blessings, guidence and protection~
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Re: Physical pain
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
Either your friend has a vivid imagination (Tarot cards are notorious in affecting that, like ouja boards!) or he has a serious illness, and should see a doctor.
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Re: Physical pain
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

I agree with Brysing. Before you start worrying about whether this is the result of using the Tarot (which it almost certainly is not) you need to rule out any possible medical situations that are causing the problem. The very first thing he needs to do is to see a doctor and get checked out.

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