Just what is going on!?!

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Just what is going on!?!

Just what is going on!?!
Post # 1
I'm not normally superstitious. I like to think I'm mostly rational and calm ect. but I have never ever been this scared in my life.
I recently took a job as a live-in nanny. It's hardly glamorous but the kid is adorable so all's good. Except the house. I'm sitting here and it's like sitting in a tomb. It's just oppressive and I have constant butterflies in my stomach. And nightmares, oh my goodness, I don't want to sleep.
I think the worst part is that my nightmares aren't about me. They're about the baby. Sometimes, I hear footsteps pacing about his room or I'll close the door and then walk upstairs and it will be open. It's gotten so bad that sometimes I feel like I have to like stand vigil outside his door, just in case.
If I was scared for myself, I would just leave but leaving isn't really an option when a young child is involved. Furthermore, I am undecided as to whether or not I'm going insane or just whipping myself up into hysteria.
Has anyone else had any experiences like this? Any advice?
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Re: Just what is going on!?!
Post # 2
Negative energy house directed at the baby? Did the people loose a kid before they had the baby? Are they just negative in general? Maybe the house is haunted and targeting the baby? Babies do attract a lot of things and not all of them good. Anyway you can cleanse it without the owners knowing?
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Re: Just what is going on!?!
Post # 3
where icome from we have a litle tradition for spirits and negative energy hang a rowan tree branch ower the dour worcks 10 times bater than most things andif you can get rowan beries (but be cerful their poisonous) i have a potion, private masage me if you want it its nothing advanced
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