Trouble in Paradise?

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Trouble in Paradise?
Post # 1
Hi everyone, I have a serious relationship question. So before I get to the question, let me just set the scene.
I recently started dating this guy and feel that I'm really falling for him. He was in a long term relationship which ended quite badly. He seems to be over it but it's like she's still in his life on a subliminal level. Small things like him still renting DVD's on her name, he still has her cat (which I don't have a problem with at all, I love the little terrorist) and even the bed they shared I now share with him. The main thing here is that I feel her energy and presence in the house (afterall it is a house they shared).
So my question here is, is this only all in my mind? My own insecurities, or is this really her energy I feel and if so, how do I get rid of it so that we can start anew?
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Re: Trouble in Paradise?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
get out of that place for a weekend someplace special and make some great new memories outside of that house. that's my advice from a man's perspective for whatever it is worth ; )
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Re: Trouble in Paradise?
Post # 3
I agree. Take some time and have a weekend. Don't forget your number two though :P

It may be so, though, that you are feeling her energy. I recomend taking the vacation, then once you get back start cleaning house. Literally.
This will accomplish 3 major things.
1 it will replace her energy with yours from the cleaning.
2 it will give you a chance to collect any of her relics. (A relic being an object with the imprint of a specific person.)
3 it will take your mind off it while being exposed.
Plus there is nothing wrong with a good clean house.

If you still get the occasional wave then there is no harm in throwing down a circle and doing a bit of "air scribing".

Anywho, I hope it helps, and good luck with your romantic endeavor!
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