how to do telekinesis

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how to do telekinesis
Post # 1
1Understand how telekinesis can help, and how it is possible. Energy can be defined as the capacity to do work, which is any change in the state or motion of matter. There is energy continually running through our body, the same energy that keeps us moving, breathing and simply working. We obtain the energy from food, which is measured in calories (the amount of energy found in food). This energy is known as chemical energy. In muscle cells, only about 40% of the chemical energy is actually used for mechanical work. Potential chemical energy released by cellular respiration is converted into kinetic energy in the muscles. But instead of using physical, kinetic energy to move such things, one should use the chemical energy already stored in the body. Although we cannot see the energy (with the naked eye) it is still very much there.
The first law of thermodynamics states: energy cannot be created or destroyed, although it can be transferred or changed from one form to another. The energy of any system and its surroundings is constant. A system may absorb energy from its surroundings or it may give up some energy from it's surroundings, but the total energy content of that system is always the same. Telekinesis is not magic, although probably mistaken for thousands of years; one is really just transferring the energy from their body (the surroundings) to an object outside of the body (the system).

2Choose your system (the object to be moved). In the beginning, pick something that has a light mass. The farther apart the molecules inside the system, the easier to manipulate it.

3Let go of the idea that the system and the manipulator are different, because both contain the same energy.

4Recognize and feel the energy that flows through the body.
Exercise 1: Flex every muscle in one of your arms for 10 seconds, including your fist. After those 10 seconds are up, completely relax the arm and study the feeling of heat going through it. The heat may pulse, or feel almost of an electrical sensation. That feeling after the muscle has been contracted is that energy. Being able to control that without the initial trigger of moving your muscles is what you want to obtain. Once you have control over this, you must be able to sustain energy controlled emission, and not bursts.
Exercise 2: Find yourself an ideal conditioned, cold area. Completely relax your body, so much that you can sit (or lay) there without getting the hair on your body to stand up. The longer you practice controlling the energy that naturally wants to heat you up and keep you from freezing, the more you can control how much extra energy is used in useless things. Eventually you should be able to send the energy out through your body, to any part of your body (one arm or leg, a hand, chest, etc.) on demand.

5Decide whether you wish to pull, push, or spin the system. Each option has a different approach than one trying to change the state of or levitate the system.
Pulling the system is simple, because you know the direction of the energy.
Levitation is extremely hard, as one has to reduce the inertia of the system to make it light enough for the electromagnetism of the system and it's surroundings to react.
Changing the state of the system requires changing the total amount of kinetic energy in the system (which we commonly know as heat). The amount of heat energy (Calorie) is equivalent to 4.184 joules which is also equals the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 g of water 1 degree Celsius. But other common substances such as metals, glass have much lower specific heat values. You can see why changing the state of an object would be hard for the mind to do.

6Focus that energy and direct it toward their system. How you choose to do this depends on you. Different methods work for different people, just as we have different ways of thinking. Try feeling the system first and pay attention to the weight of it, how much energy does it take to physically move it? Then try to match that with the energy you feel in your body when you are not touching it.
Remember that a continuous flow of energy is needed, once you start to change the system, you must keep that energy focused on it, or else it will go back to it's primary state. This is Newton's first law: What is at rest, stays at rest (unless a force is acted upon it, and that's you)!

7Stop when you feel mentally and physically tired (usually one before the other). Do not continue until your fatigue is back to a normal level.

Focusing for long periods of time can be taxing on your system, and may result in mild to moderate headaches from time to time. While not serious, these headaches are a sign that you need to rest.
The (presumed) strongest recorded telekinetic talent in history was a Russian housewife named Nina Kulagina. Even she could just get objects to roll and shift, rather than fully levitating. However today many illusionists can replicate Kulagina skills. Her "ability" are still discussed, but the future research will give us the right answer.

Re: how to do telekinesis
Post # 2
keep this in mind its best not to use telekinesis it shortens ur life span

Re: how to do telekinesis
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Telekinesis is moving inanimate objects by thought alone.
It is impossible!

Re: how to do telekinesis
Post # 4
"keep this in mind its best not to use telekinesis it shortens ur life span"

How is this so?

Re: how to do telekinesis
Post # 5
Telekinesis is not possible!, it is fantasy and came out of the movies.

Re: how to do telekinesis
Post # 6
I do believe telekinesis is possible, but not to the extent of moving large objects and people, that's simply impossible for the human mind and body. I do believe that you can bend or move small objects like a spoon or pen, but that's about it and that alone takes a lot of focus, energy and concentration.

Re: how to do telekinesis
Post # 7
After reading the title,i need not read your post andrew,i just scrolled it.Why?Because it is not possible,then why take up the labour to read through.
Telekinesis is moving objects physically with your mind.Many believe it,but thats okay.But to get to the point,telekinesis is out of human possibility.It requires far more subconscious mind power,which is far out of reach for human.
And i see its not bad that it is not possible,as i can imagine the world at chaos if it had been possible.Use your hands,thats why God has given them to you.

Re: how to do telekinesis
Post # 8
nonono reeeead the post because it explains logicaly why we can do it and if that is not possible how have other people done it ? you have to try these things first dont judge a book by its cover

Re: how to do telekinesis
Post # 9
people who need help heres a simple way

ok i havent done this yet but im trying so im going to see if i can help you without have done it yet so , if you just move your arms up and down you can feel sort of a rush going through your arms see can you do this without moving your arms when you gain control of being able to do it without moving try doing it with your head feel the energy and then push it outward but dont try lifting it all at once try blasting your energy to just push the object , i would try very light things as practice but i think if you use a spoon because its metal and you heat it up using your energy then using your mind you can bend it because its hot

this is my hypothosis i havent proving it yet so im still testing

Re: how to do telekinesis
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
Andrew: nobody has ever done it. Repeat nobody. It is impossible.
There are even videos of it happening; and the thread is clearly visible. They are fake.

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