Un-explainable things

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Un-explainable things
Post # 1
Has any person here ever fell from mid-air while sleeping?
I know it sounds weird, but it happened to me two times this year.
I'm sleeping, then out of nowhere, I wake up and fall down to my bed out of nowhere.
I've had two theories. (As stupid as they may seem.)
1. Fell from out of my dream.
2. Something supernatural or paranormal tried to get me.
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Re: Un-explainable things
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
During our sleep, we all travel. It's commonly called an out of body experience (OBE). If we travel consciously it is called astral projection. If you have more awareness of your body as you sleep (are a light sleeper) or you remember most of your dreams or lucid dream, you will be much more aware of what is going on and may be jolted by sensations.

When entering a trance many people describe it as a feeling of falling. Many times this very feeling is what prevents people from successfully projecting because they tense up or jump up. Coming back to our body can also sometimes feel like falling.

In conclusion, you are traveling in your sleep but the OBE that people generally sleep straight through is freaking you out and causing you to wake up suddenly.

You're watching too many scary movies of spirits lifting people into the air when they are sleeping. First of all, what would be the point of that? Secondly, when that happens on "based on true story" horror movies, tell me, how did they know they were floating if they were sleeping? Hehehe. There is a lot added to those things for a dramatic effect. The real stories aren't as thrilling.

I have experienced serious physical manifestation of spirits and I have never had a spirit make me levitate. If a spirit makes you fly, gravity is going to pull you right back down again just as fast. For the record a spirit has never made me fly and I wouldn't want one to. But I do know that in very dangerous hauntings, people can be thrown. But I'm sure your not experiencing a spiritual circus in your house. If you were, you would have much bigger problems then feeling like you're falling in the middle of the night.

If you REALLY think you were in the air, and I don't know what I'm talking about, why don't you video record yourself sleeping every night, writing over the same recording until you feel that sensation. Then, watch the video after you "fall". If you are floating, show me the video of you floating because I have got to see that!
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Re: Un-explainable things
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
The sensation of "falling" when waking from a dream is very common in humans; possibly other animals also, but they cannot tell us!
It is caused by Neurons in the brain "sorting themselves out" into the concious state.
Can be quite frightening in children!
It is a natural feeling; most people will experience it at some time.
I am not sure about "astral travel"; it might be true, but I tend to doubt it. At least I have never experienced it; but many do believe in it.
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Re: Un-explainable things
Post # 4
Well, when I "fell," I made the whole bed bounce.
Maybe my imagination, maybe not. .
Also, I'll record myself, but I don't know if the thing will happen again, they happened earlier on this year at my old house.
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Re: Un-explainable things
Post # 5
Although, I guess what your sayig could be possible, @White.
I'd be afraid to get out of my body leaving it for the taking..
I'm terrified at the thought of APing and I will never try it.
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Re: Un-explainable things
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 6

The reason your bed bounced is because your body moved as your brain experienced the falling sensation. Often while dreaming that you are falling your body reacts to what the mind perceives. As you fall in the dream your body reacts to the feeling. Your arms will automatically reach out to grab anything to hold onto to stop the fall however as your mind continues to experience the fall your arms will again automatically try to cushion you from the impact of hitting what is beneath you in the dream. This causes you to hit the bed often hard enough to make the bed move or seem like you bounced.

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