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Just wandering if anyone has used Nightshade/Belladonna before. I want to use during a mediation and past life walk through. But I have been told that is very dangerous to use with this. I have it at home and have used it a bath(a few drops only) but it didn't seem to work as well as I hoped. Does anyone have any idea how to use it with this kind of mediation?

Re: Nightshade
Post # 2
the only thing I hope is that you're not going to ingest it because it's poisonous (the whole plant, not just some part of it). If you already knew this just ignore my post.

Re: Nightshade
Post # 3

I agree with Acherusia. Every plant in the Nightshade family (Solanaceae) is incredibly toxic. The toxins include Solanine, which has a lethal dose of about 4 mg/kg bodyweight. That means, a healthy human being weighing 75 kg, would die if he ingested 300 mg.

They also contain various Tropane (also toxic alkaloids), but these vary with each genus. However, some of these can actually be absorbed through the skin, causing anything (depending on dosage) from mild irritation of the skin, abodominal pains, hallucinations to coma and death.

Bonus info: The name "Tropane" comes from the plant Belladonna (Atropa Belladonna ), where these alkaloids were first discovered. Atropa is named after the Greek Fate Atropos who was said to cut the thread of life. That is how toxic it is.

Re: Nightshade
Post # 4
Thank you, and yes I am very aware how toxic it is. But I used only a couple of drops is a tub full of water. I was just wandering if anyone know of a different way to use this.

Re: Nightshade
Post # 5
What is the purpose and benefit of the Nightshade in a bath? What is the method or what do you do as far as it goes?

Re: Nightshade
Post # 6
When using Nightshade in past life regression meditation, it is suppose to help ease the mind. Help clear it so you can concentrate on the doors you need to go through. As I well know, you can not ingest it or inhale it or put directly on skin, but you can dilute it into your hot bath (just a couple of drops, as it is very strong) so you can get some of the vapors. The smell alone is very relaxing and soothing. Just was wandering if anyone know of different ways to use it.
I do not fear using it all.

Re: Nightshade
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Phyrefly please do not spam. One large post next time. We all sometimes forget something and post back to back due to the lack of an edit option, but this is too much. I'm also PMing you this, so there is both a public and private warning.

@ Gaia73
As for the use of Belladonna, a website on magick is not appropriate for deciding dosage of such a toxic homeopathic remedy. Personally, I would choose a dozen other possible herbs for meditation over a toxic one for an issue that isn't even an issue. Meditation needs no drugs. You are choosing to use something that will give a psychoactive effect. If you are able to legally drink, the hops in a good beer will relax you just fine and it isn't deadly.

If you insist on using this (and I hope you are still alive and well to read this) you should consult a licensed homeopathic healer or do serious research with medically and scientifically backed up sources. You really need to be extremely cautious.

Now I believe that this conversation should end before anyone else thinks its a great idea to use poisonous plants to get high. I'm locking this thread.

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