hell hound help

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hell hound help
Post # 1
My friend convided in me about when he was saved about seven years ago, he has felt the presence of some hell hounds. He said he feels like they know he has moved away from his path, or something like that. I found the most curious part was they weren't around during Halloween. What could they want with him? He also mentioned more recently his mom and a few others have felt their presence. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.
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Re: hell hound help
Post # 2
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Re: hell hound help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Hell hounds are attracted to a certain energy, generally death. They are messengers and scouts of the psychopomps.

Certain people are more inclined to being naturally aligned with such energy. Usually they are a tad morbid ("I want to grow up to be a mortician! Yay!") and choose deities that have a say in death and war. They are commonly very quiet about their practise because it isn't very accepted. Most "dark" or "black" magick practitioners aren't selfish and harmful but are mislabeled due to the company they choose to keep, that of the dead. They are actually people that resonate with below as apposed to above, the Underworld over the Upperworld. I'm one of those people. Such people generally act as psychopomps themselves, helping and honoring deceased souls, our ancestors, our loved ones, our dead.

Hell hounds are black dogs, commonly with red eyes. They are messengers portending disaster or death to either the person that sees them or the ones directly associated to them. They are an underworld creature. I never met one in person because my Lady sends black birds. Some are inclined to dogs, such as with Anubis and Hades.
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Re: hell hound help
Post # 4
Thank you so much. That will certainly be in mind when I do an aura reading on him. :)
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