in the broom closet...

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in the broom closet...
Post # 1
So I am new to Wicca and am really in love with it! I have never felt so balanced! Anyways my fianc? and I and have to move in with my parents for a bit and they are very Christian and will probably be afraid if they saw my it alright to pack your alter away when not in use? Anyone have a similar situation? What diddo you do?
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Re: in the broom closet...
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I think having respect for your parents is a really great way to go. that's really thoughtful of you.

you can pack your work away with no ill consequences to my knowledge.

keep your practice to yourself. in a sense it might be a great opportunity to do your work without the physical tools!

Best of luck ... Blessings and Light

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Re: in the broom closet...
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I would suggest setting up your alter inside of a box so that it can still sit inside of your home untouched without disturbing those that may not understand. Another option is inside of a drawer or cabinet, or cover a shelf with a curtain. I have done all of them before. I feel that a sacred space in the home is important to maintain, and it shouldn't be packed away but merely put out of sight. My alter is always hidden. I have my bell, candles, and chalice out in the open in a way that merely appears decorative and the rest of the alter is tucked under in a cabinet that I can open up when practicing a ritual and then closed back up again.

I don't see it as hiding my altar from others but others from my altar. Thoughts and emotions are energy and the negative thoughts and emotions from someone that does not have the same faith can be damaging to your clean space. And if your deities or those you honor are at all vindictive, it could even be hazardous to any judgmental person that comes by! A personal altar is meant for you and no one else, so why should it be for anyone elses eyes?

Plus, when you have kids (like I do) you learn very quickly that your most precious possessions become the most desired playthings. Or they become a magnet for being knocked over/broken. Either way they are best left out of plain sight!

Hiding it is not a bad thing, it's a smart thing.
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Re: in the broom closet...
Post # 4
I don't see packing it away being an issue either. In my house, with 4 kids, 2 dogs and a clumsy husband (LOL) I keep mine packed away until it's next use just to keep things safe :)
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