What would seem more real

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> What would seem more real

What would seem more real
Post # 1
-istic? A spell to call on a specific person's knowledge (such as a teacher), or call upon Athena's wisdom?
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Re: What would seem more real
Post # 2

You cannot take knowledge from a person unless they give it to you or the general public, and there is no spell that will help you.

Athena gives her wisdom on her own time, not yours. It is rude to " call upon her" with a spell. Typically the Greek deities look down upon magic as it is making yourself more equal to them.
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Re: What would seem more real
By: / Novice
Post # 3
well it depends. if you're asking for help from Athena, or the spell is attracting a teacher to you, then i would say it would work. the one to attract someone into your life might be the better option as i personally find it rude to demand what hasn't been earned. [especially from a deity] i've never worked with Athena so i don't know how understanding she is.

if you mean a spell to absorb knowledge from people or gods, then i would agree with Andromeda, it cannot be done.

overall this is a path where you are always learning, so while a teacher [or someone to guide you] would be helpful, you will eventually strike out on your own, so i find it makes more sense to study and experiment on your own, asking for help when you get stuck.
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Re: What would seem more real
Post # 4

I have to chime in on this, being the Greek Pantheon nerd I am.

You can't really "call on a person's knowledge". You can most certainly learn from them, and have them aid you in your journey.

Athena is most certainly the Goddess of Wisdom, but she can't just give it to you like *snap* that. If you call upon her during your studies, she will most certainly help and aid you along your way.

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Re: What would seem more real
Post # 5
I thought so..
My friend was thinkng it would be possible.
Due to my failing grades in math, I was thinking about something that would give me good grades (the magical ways).
Has anyone bought the Wishing Wizard Talisman? It's in my shopping cart, I want to know if your wish(es) have ever come true. That might help in my situation.
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Re: What would seem more real
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
The only way to get better grades is hard work and dedication. And that is the same exact way to become knowledgeable and talented in magick. If you can put effort into magick, you can put that focus into school until Summer.

My daughter tries to do the same thing with "gaming". She can tell you about Skyrim like the back of her hand, but when it comes to her school work its "uummmm" "uhhhh" "I don't know?" And she is seven. She's intelligent, but she only wants to put effort into that she finds interesting. It isn't until I give her incentive to try (like offering a reward) and then like magic, she suddenly breezes through her studies and aces tests.

I'm sure you are intelligent and there is nothing wrong with your ability to learn. You need to find the drive to do well. If you want to do any spell to help you do better in school, do one to encourage your determination to get it done. Or set a goal for yourself and stick to it. Give yourself a reward for completing your work and be sure not to give it to yourself until it's complete!

Good luck
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