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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Ghost?

Post # 1
I'm talking serious here,
My friend herd footsteps in his room, and on the second floor I feel a strong negative energy...
I don't know what it is or how to get rid of it, but I'm pretty scared..
I would love to know some easy spells to get rid of it..

~Blessed be
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Re: Ghost?
Post # 2
Hi there.
I know about ghosts. I've seen them many times (and talked to others to try and get them to pass on).
In response to your problem though: Reiki (good healing energy)! A LOT OF IT! Put some of it into a necklace and charge it once a week, use it around the spot that you hear footsteps or feel bad energy, and for extra protection use it where you sleep. Also, use sage smudge sticks and use it on ALL openings doors, windows, sliding glass doors, everywhere. Try a few protection spells. If you friend doesn't believe in magick, give them a necklace with a protection spell:
that spell works great as a protection spell.
I hope this helps. Good luck with your ghost.
Blessed be
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Re: Ghost?
Post # 3
burn white sage to cleanse the room of negative energy. I always seal windows, doors, vents and archways with salt and lime juice to keep negative energy / spirits out. Wont keep it from lurking outside. Ive no clue how to banish one. Its been too long.
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Re: Ghost?
Post # 4
I suggest to make a circle. It will protect you from negative energies and from 'ghosts'. The circle casting is a form of the basics of magick. You can go to my profile and click out the basics where you will find circle casting .
Protection spells/rituals can help you. Hope this helps!
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Re: Ghost?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Smudge your place with sage or sweetgrass, then put up protection in the form of clear crystals and/or salt at the windows and doorways. This will cleanse and protect your home. For yourself, cleanse and charge a pendant with the job of protection and wear it. Hope this helps. BB
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Re: Ghost?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
First, try asking it nicely to stop. If that doesn't work...

Grind sea salt and peppercorns together by hand while praying over it. Then use it as a magic powder around the house in every corner, on every windowsill, and across every threshold. Add a little of the mixture into a glass of water and sprinkle the walls and floors of the area with the most "negative energy". Work your way backward toward the entrances of every room. Find or write your own thing to say when sprinkling. I usually pray or say something along the lines of "Be gone! Leave me, leave this place, and never return."

Be aware that if it doesn't go away, it is likely that it isn't malicious. Try communicating with them.
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Re: Ghost?
Post # 7
I suggest burning white sage yes it's a ghost most likely. Don't show it few send it love clean the area through white sage. I suggest protection spell using nth east and sth
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