break spirit bond

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break spirit bond
Post # 1
Hey everyone i have a question. I used to date this girl and she used a bond spell to bond us. now she has cheated and ran off but i still feel the bond how to i break this bond what ritual can i use
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Re: break spirit bond
Post # 2
Credit goes to "The Living Wiccan" .

An altar.

A piece of chain, which you can break easily ( ex. jewelry ).

A red candle.


Light the red candle.

Concentrate on the "bond", you wish to sever. Bring up all that pain and suffering, it's causing you.

Invoke the deity(s), that you usually work with, or your religion's "supreme power".

Pick up the chain, and hold it in front of you.

As you're breaking the chain, say :

" As I break this chain, I break the bonds that bind me. (Deity), please lend me your strength, your patience, your perseverance, so I may successfully break these bonds.

(Deity), push me as I make these changes.

I can't do this own my own.

(Deity), I ask for your help.

Help me break the bonds that bind me, as easily as I break this chain."

Leave the pieces of chain on the altar, as your offering.


The next day, you will bury these pieces.

As you bury them, say :

"I bury my bonds, like I bury this chain. May they be forever lost, never to return to me again."


Good luck.

~ Never Lost

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Re: break spirit bond
Post # 3
thank you
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Re: break spirit bond
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
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Re: break spirit bond
Post # 5
Or you could do a cut the cord spell. Take a representation of yourself and one of her and wrap a red cord, ribbon or string around and around the two tightly representing the bond and then cut the cord, right down the middle. Bury one representation in one place and the other somewhere else. Point being away from each other.
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