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Post # 1
When i was in high school my mom and I moved into a house right after a murder. It was tragic. The husband and wife were having a fight and the cops were called. When the cops arrived the couple were still fighting. The husband takes his gun and shoots his wife in the head in front of the officers.
When we moved in my mom a few other family members had to do clean up. I tried to sleep in the house but felt as if something was really really bad was there. Out the kitchen window in the back yard on the cloths line i seen about 15 heads hanging and a man holding one by the hair. It took me 3 days to sleep in the house again.
The power would blink on and off and i would say " ok beth can stop" and it would stop. (that was the wifes name.) A while after that i was waked up by something pulling me towards my closet. I was half way down my bed. My room had the only entrance to the attic in it and the feelings i got were not good. Ive have always heard voices talking to me. They were always ,im guessing beth, talking to me. Things went on like that for a while until the city cleared the woods behind the house and let the being that inhabited it out. Ive seen it and the feeling in the attic was nothing compared to this.
Since then ive move and things have calmed down except for the pulling, talking.
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Re: spirits
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Since you moved, you might have taken some bad energy with you. Do a thorough cleanse of you and your new place. This should resolve the problem. I use sage smudge. Also, remember to put up protection after the cleanse so nothing gets back in. I believe you will see and feel lighter, like the air will seem light and/or sweetly clean. BB
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Re: spirits
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Perhaps while you're at it you might also have a medical evaluation. There are certain medical conditions that can cause you to hear voices in your head. Ruling out these sorts of problems can be useful in figuring out exactly what is going on. It might be spirits or it might not. Right now there is no way to be sure.

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Re: spirits
Post # 4
Done seen a doc. Alls normal up stairs. (well as normal as i can get) I moved 10 times since then. As for the voices they pretty much stopped for 3 years. I just started listening to them, hearing what they had to say, and they would go away.
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Re: spirits
Post # 5
I am a magnet for negative energy / spirits. I use sage, lime and salt when I move into a new place. Burning sage helps but putting lime juice with salt around all windows, doors, vents and entryways has always helped block out the negative energy / spirits. I am grateful to the pagan who gave me this tip all those years ago. :) Before going crowded places I try to take time out to walk through a room of sage smoke to block out negative energies in crowds.
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Re: spirits
Post # 6
Thanks for the tips. I have never tried anything like that before.
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