myfriend has extreme itch

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myfriend has extreme itch
Post # 1
My friend came to me with a problemhe has had for a few montjs now .he has extreme itching it's not physical.he can't find out what it is it's not anything he has on his body.physical he being a x satanist knows that me Wiccan can help I never heard of this I need advise on how to heal's mostly on one side of his head and when he comes home it get worse.he also sees lights of specks that attack and when they cling. They itch all parts of his body but most the time. It's his head

Re: myfriend has extreme itch
Post # 2
He could have maybe a parasite or menangitis, or a blood clot in his brain, but the fact than he is a satanist could influence only non-mundane possibilities... He should definitely see a doctor.

Re: myfriend has extreme itch
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

I definitely agree that he needs to be seen by a physician to find out if there is a medical cause for his problems. There are too many possibilities for the cause of his itching to even begin to offer a diagnosis at this point. But I would strongly suggest he look at all the mundane possibilities before he (or you) jump to the conclusion that it is anything to do with his having been a Satanist.

Re: myfriend has extreme
Post # 4
I have dealt with the same thing. And i still do during the summer. Well up to last summer anyway. First i thought it was poison oak. Drs said no but treated me for it anyway with steroids and benadryl and antibiotics. It took 2 months to go away and it occured 2 times after that.I lived outside at that time. Then the 4th time i thought it was shingles because it couldnt have been poison oak if i kept getting it and i wasnt exposed and went to the e.r. Convinced them to treat me for the shingles, anti-viral, steroids and benadryl. Got it again this summer. Doc refused to treat it this time. I googled it. Decided its probably prickly heat and it went away. I mean painful non stop itching. What intrigues me is the flecks of light he saw.

Re: myfriend has extreme itch
Post # 5
Well if I thought it was his beliefs more than others I would have said it first. The specks of light is why I think might be something in his brain.

Re: myfriend has extreme itch
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Get to a doctor. With it being more on one side, it could be the vrain. Not meaning to scare, but get it looked at asap. BB

Re: myfriend has extreme itch
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Unless a doctor rules out ANY physical problems, considering this to be a magick issue is dangerous.

He may have a food allergy. Allergies can develop at any age. My daughter is allergic to sweet potatoes and one Thanksgiving someone dipped into the sweet potatoes and then into the mashed potatoes not knowing. My daughter was so itchy, she was rubbing on the walls! Mind you, she was only four, so her compulsion to itch was stronger than her pride. The poor girl was miserable for the whole day despite benedryl. Everyone has floaters and static in their vision. He may just be becoming paranoid.

He may also have fleas in his home. Fleas don't stay on people but they will bite and dash. Not everyone is allergic to fleas so they don't itch for everyone. My dog had fleas once and one got into my sock. My foot was itchy and sore for days. Bug bites can make you feel weird and sick in many ways just like any allergic reaction. Lice is another possibility since he itches on his head mostly. I've never encountered those, and I never want to.

Re: myfriend has extreme itch
Post # 8
He came to me again Today Asking for My Help No Its Not Medical As U All Have Suggested I Never Said Becuse He Was A Satanist Has An Explaination He Gave Me More Details Its Transparent and Its A Crawling Sensation And is only Around His head It Comes and Goes And Its Driving Him insane There Is NO MEDICAL PROBLEMS WITH HIM ANYONE HAVE ANY THEORIES OTHER THEN MEDICAL?

Re: myfriend has extreme itch
Post # 9
There are known parasites that live within the scalp. as well as there is possibility it is mental and he THINKS its happening. its like when you think og the word itch you start to feel itchy. but before you jump to non medical conclusions, he should get checked by a physician. dont just assume its non medical just because you are wiccan and he is satanic. ALWAYS cross out the most common reasons first before jumping to something like supernatural or planar. personally if you dont like getting answers like this you shouldnt have posted it, just because you are wiccan doesnt mean you can help. wiccans are not all powerful. i cant cure the flu by rituals or remedies if i think its an evil spirit. just doesnt work that way.

Re: myfriend has extreme itch
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10

Casim9, please remember not to post in capital letters, it is a violation of the rules for this site.

Did your friend see a doctor and have all medical reasons eliminated? If not then he still needs to be seen to be certain it is not a medical problem. What you're now talking about sounds as though it might be head lice which is easily treated but it is also very contagious and can be passed on to others.

This situation is almost certainly not one involving magic and continuing to insist that it is isn't doing your friend any good in the long run.

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